Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam Questions For Learning

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam Questions For Learning

Certified Platform App Builder certification exam is one of the popular Salesforce certification exams, which is designed for individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and deploying custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning Platform. New salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam Questions are released online with 432 exam questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Certified Platform App Builder exam smoothly. Additionally, to help you learn the skills, we have the related classes and workshops for learning:

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Below Are Certified Platform App Builder Free Questions

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1. Universal containers would like to use a chatter group for their mergers and acquisition team to collaborate on potential new projects. This group should not be visible for non-members to see or join, and can be accessed by invite only .

Which chatter Group type should the App Builder recommend?

2. Sales manager at universal containers would like to standardize what information sales rep are gathering. Sales rep want recommendations, sales strategies and to know what key fields need to be completed at each step of the sales process on the opportunity record .

What feature should an app builder use to provide this functionally?

3. A production org includes custom objects containing confidential Information. A sandbox h needed that Includes data records, excludes all of the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly.

What steps should an App Builder take to meet these requirements?

4. Universal Containers uses a private sharing model for opportunities. This model CANNOT be changed due to a regional structure A new sales operations team has been created. This team needs to perform analysis on Opportunity data, all should have read arid write access to all Opportunities.

What are two recommended solutions for the app builder to give the users appropriate access? Choose 2 answers

5. Universal Containers generates leads from three different sources: web, trade shows, and partners. Some of the information collected is applicable to all sources, there is also information that is unique to each type of lead .

What should an app builder configure to meet these requirements?

6. Universal Containers wants to track installation information once it container has been purchased on a custom object. Sales reps should have visibility of all the installation with their opportunities.

visibility of all the installations associated with their opportunities.

What kind of relationship should this new object have to the Opportunity?

7. Universal Containers has a requirement that an Opportunity should have a field showing the value of its associated account's billing state. This value should not change after the Opportunity has been created .

What is the recommended solution to configure this automation behavior?

8. Universal Containers conduct evaluations of their sales reps using a custom object consisting of numerical scores and executive comments. The company wants to ensure that only the sales reps, and their manager's executive can view the rep's evaluation record but the reps should not be able to view the executive comment field on their review .

How can these requirement be met?

9. The organization wide defaults for a custom object is set to private. The Supervisor profile grants view access to the same object. A user with the Supervisor profile is also listed as the Manager on the user detail records for access. However, the supervisor still cannot view records owned by the subordinate .

What is preventing the Supervisor from viewing records owned by the subordinate? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers wants to test code against a subnet of production data that is under 5 GB, Additionally, Universal Containers wants to refresh this sandbox every weekend.

Which type of sandbox should be used to accomplish this?


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