Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder CRT-403 Exam Questions Are Real

Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder CRT-403 Exam Questions Are Real

CRT-403 Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder is ideal for administrators, system integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs) with an interest in sharpening the development, deployment, and administrative skills required to succeed in becoming a Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder. CRT-403 exam questions written by the top experts and specialists of ITExamShop are real, which help you clear your CRT-403 Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder exam successfully. Real Salesforce CRT-403 practice exam with actual and real Q&As improve that you will have confidence on taking CRT-403 exam and enhance your skills so you can be more accurately ready for the CRT-403 Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder exam.

Read Salesforce CRT-403 free questions to check why we recommend CRT-403 exam questions.

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1. A business user wants a quick way to edit a record's status and enter a custom due date field from the record's feed in Salesforce1 Mobile App .

What could be used to accomplish this?

2. UVC wants to show different picklist values to different groups of users in a custom picklist field .

What should be configured?

3. Universal Containers wants to build a recruiting app that allows for multiple positions to appear on custom objects websites and postings. UC requires a report that shows the related custom objects of postings .

Which two items should an app builder configure to implement this?

4. Universal Containers has created two custom objects called Seminars and Attendees. Organization-wide defaults for those objects have been set to private. Universal Containers wants to set up a new junction object between these objects. A select group of users should be able to edit records in the junction object.

Which two steps should an app builder take to configure the proper security?

5. What is a section of the Lightning App Builder Tool? Choose 3 Answers

6. What is recommended to refresh a full sandbox?

7. UVC needs to update a field on an Account when an Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed-Lost .

Which two should be used to accomplish this requirement? Choose two answers

8. Universal Containers wants to streamline its data capture process by linking fields together.

They wish to do this so that the available value on dependents fields are driven by value selected on controlling fields .

Which consideration supports the stated requirements? Choose 3 answers

9. Which statement is true when defining a Create custom action for the Contact object? Choose 2 answers

10. How should an app builder configure access to a contact's Twitter profile for Salesforce mobile app users?


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