Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course DEX-403 Practice Questions

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course DEX-403 Practice Questions

DEX-403 Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience exam is the course of Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification, which help you build your knowledge of objects, fields, UI customization, automation tools, security, app deployment, and more. New DEX-403 practice questions are online to ensure that you can pass the Salesforce certification DEX-403 exam successfully. Get the latest DEX-403 exam questions to practice the Q&As carefully, ITExamShop offer the DEX-403 pdf file and free software to help you learn well.

Salesforce Platform App Builder certification DEX-403 free questions are below:

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1. Topic 1, Main Exam Pool

Which two features can be used to allow users to access flows? Choose 2 answers)

2. An App Builder at UVC would like to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related list by overriding standard buttons.

Which two should the App Builder consider before overriding standard buttons?

3. A production org includes custom objects containing confidential Information. A sandbox h needed that Includes data records, excludes all of the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly.

What steps should an App Builder take to meet these requirements?

4. An app builder wants to show groups as the last navigation menu item in the salesforce1 mobile app. however, the app builder is not able to select groups as one of the items on the drop-down menu.

What could cause this?

5. Sales reps at Universal Containers use Salesforce on their mobile devices. They want a way to odd new contacts quickly and then follow up later to complete the additional Information necessary.

What mobile solution should an App Builder recommend?

6. What is a key consideration when using unmanaged packages? Choose 2 answers

7. Universal Containers created a custom object called Component to capture details about products sold.

What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product?

8. Universal containers needs to flag Leads with one or more business areas. They need to add a field to capture these to the Lead records. There is no need to report on this field.

What is the appropriate field type?

9. The customer service team at Universal containers uses a custom Project object to track their customer projects. An App builder needs to create a relationship between the project object and the related client Account record. A private sharing model is in place for both Accounts and projects.

Which statement is true when creating an Account lookup field on the Project object? Choose 2 answers

10. An app builder has created a report for sales people to view records from the custom object, some users have complained that they are unable to see all of the appropriate records.

What steps should be taken to ensure data visibility within the report? Choose 3 Answers


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