Valid CISSP Exam Questions For Passing Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam

Valid CISSP Exam Questions For Passing Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam

Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP exam is a hot cybersecurity certification issued by (ISC)². Earning CISSP certification helps candidates prove that they have skills in taking to effectively design, implement and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program. It is not an easy task to earn CISSP certification, so we recommend to use the valid CISSP exam questions as the learning materials. CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam questions are based on the actual exam objectives. We have full confidence to help you prepare for CISSP exam with the actual exam questions and answers.

We have CISSP free questions online. You can check the validity of CISSP exam questions.

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1. Topic 1, Security and Risk Management

A company whose Information Technology (IT) services are being delivered from a Tier 4 data center, is preparing a companywide Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

Which of the following failures should the IT manager be concerned with?

2. Which of the following types of technologies would be the MOST cost-effective method to provide a reactive control for protecting personnel in public areas?

3. Intellectual property rights are PRIMARY concerned with which of the following?

4. Which of the following represents the GREATEST risk to data confidentiality?

5. An important principle of defense in depth is that achieving information security requires a balanced focus on which PRIMARY elements?

6. What is the MOST important consideration from a data security perspective when an organization plans to relocate?

7. When assessing an organization’s security policy according to standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 and 27002, when can management responsibilities be defined?

8. All of the following items should be included in a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) questionnaire EXCEPT questions that

9. Which of the following actions will reduce risk to a laptop before traveling to a high risk area?

10. Topic 2,. Asset Security

Which of the following BEST describes the responsibilities of a data owner?


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