Valid AZ-104 Study Guide For Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Valid AZ-104 Study Guide For Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Why so many candidates choose to pass AZ-104 exam to earn the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification? This certification is a hot Microsoft topic, candidates for it should have subject matter expertise implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment. Microsoft AZ-104 study guide with valid questions and answers are based on the skill measured, which will be your great resource for Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. The latest version of current study guide contain 416 practice exam questions and answers, which will be your passport of real AZ-104 Microsoft certification exam.

Try to read Microsoft AZ-104 free questions before getting the valid AZ-104 study guide.

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1. Topic 1, Litware, inc.


Litware, Ltd. is a consulting company that has a main office in Montreal and two branch offices in Seattle and New York.

The Montreal office has 2,000 employees. The Seattle office has 1,000 employees. The New York office has 200 employees.

All the resources used by Litware are hosted on-premises.

Litware creates a new Azure subscription. The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant uses a domain named The tenant uses the P1 pricing tier.

Existing Environment

The network contains an Active Directory forest named All domain controllers are configured as DNS servers and host the DNS zone.

Litware has finance, human resources, sales, research, and information technology departments. Each department has an organizational unit (OU) that contains all the accounts of that respective department. All the user accounts have the department attribute set to their respective department. New users are added frequently. contains a user named User1.

All the offices connect by using private links.

Litware has data centers in the Montreal and Seattle offices. Each data center has a firewall that can be configured as a VPN device.

All infrastructure servers are virtualized.

The virtualization environment contains the servers in the following table.

Litware uses two web applications named App1 and App2. Each instance on each web application requires 1GB of memory.

The Azure subscription contains the resources in the following table.

The network security team implements several network security groups (NSGs).

Planned Changes

Litware plans to implement the following changes:

• Deploy Azure ExpressRoute to the Montreal office.

• Migrate the virtual machines hosted on Server1 and Server2 to Azure.

• Synchronize on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

• Migrate App1 and App2 to two Azure web apps named webApp1 and WebApp2.

Technical requirements

Litware must meet the following technical requirements:

• Ensure that WebApp1 can adjust the number of instances automatically based on the load and can scale up to five instance*.

• Ensure that VM3 can establish outbound connections over TCP port 8080 to the applications servers in the Montreal office.

• Ensure that routing information is exchanged automatically between Azure and the routers in the Montreal office.

• Enable Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the users in the finance department only.

• Ensure that can be accessed by using the name

• Connect the New Your office to VNet1 over the Internet by using an encrypted connection.

• Create a workflow to send an email message when the settings of VM4 are modified.

• Create a custom Azure role named Role1 that is based on the Reader role.

• Minimize costs whenever possible.


You need to implement Role1.

Which command should you run before you create Role1? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

2. You need to recommend a solution to automate the configuration for the finance department users. The solution must meet the technical requirements.

What should you include in the recommended?

3. You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4.

What should you create and configure?


You need to meet the connection requirements for the New York office.

What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You need to the appropriate sizes for the Azure virtual for Server2.

What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

6. You discover that VM3 does NOT meet the technical requirements.

You need to verify whether the issue relates to the NSGs.

What should you use?

7. Topic 2, Humongous Insurance


Existing Environment

Humongous Insurance is an insurance company that has three offices in Miami, Tokoyo, and Bankok.

Each has 5000 users.

Active Directory Environment

Humongous Insurance has a single-domain Active Directory forest named

The functional level of the forest is Windows Server 2012.

You recently provisioned an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant.

Network Infrastructure

Each office has a local data center that contains all the servers for that office. Each office has a dedicated connection to the Internet.

Each office has several link load balancers that provide access to the servers.

Active Directory Issue

Several users in have UPNs that contain special characters.

You suspect that some of the characters are unsupported in Azure AD.

Licensing Issue

You attempt to assign a license in Azure to several users and receive the following error message: "Licenses not assigned. License agreement failed for one user." You verify that the Azure subscription has the available licenses.


Planned Changes

Humongous Insurance plans to open a new office in Paris. The Paris office will contain 1,000 users who will be hired during the next 12 months. All the resources used by the Paris office users will be hosted in Azure.

Planned Azure AD Infrastructure

The on-premises Active Directory domain will be synchronized to Azure AD.

All client computers in the Paris office will be joined to an Azure AD domain.

Planned Azure Networking Infrastructure

You plan to create the following networking resources in a resource group named All_Resources:

✑ Default Azure system routes that will be the only routes used to route traffic

✑ A virtual network named Paris-VNet that will contain two subnets named Subnet1 and Subnet2

✑ A virtual network named ClientResources-VNet that will contain one subnet named ClientSubnet

✑ A virtual network named AllOffices-VNet that will contain two subnets named Subnet3 and Subnet4

You plan to enable peering between Paris-VNet and AllOffices-VNet. You will enable the Use remote gateways setting for the Paris-VNet peerings.

You plan to create a private DNS zone named humongousinsurance.local and set the registration network to the ClientResources-VNet virtual network.

Planned Azure Computer Infrastructure

Each subnet will contain several virtual machines that will run either Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, or Red Hat Linux.

Department Requirements

Humongous Insurance identifies the following requirements for the company's departments:

✑ Web administrators will deploy Azure web apps for the marketing department. Each web app will be added to a separate resource group. The initial configuration of the web apps will be identical. The web administrators have permission to deploy web apps to resource groups.

✑ During the testing phase, auditors in the finance department must be able to review all Azure costs from the past week.

Authentication Requirements

Users in the Miami office must use Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-on (Azure AD Seamless SSO) when accessing resources in Azure.

You need to define a custom domain name for Azure AD to support the planned infrastructure.

Which domain name should you use?

8. Which blade should you instruct the finance department auditors to use?

9. You need to prepare the environment to meet the authentication requirements.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point.

10. Which blade should you instruct the finance department auditors to use?


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