[Updated In June OF 2022] Valid SY0-601 Practice Test For CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Preparation

[Updated In June OF 2022] Valid SY0-601 Practice Test For CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Preparation

The SY0-601 exam is available for CompTIA Security+ certification to help candidates open the door to their cybersecurity careers. Valid SY0-601 practice test of ITExamShop has been updated with 617 practice questions and answers in June of 2022, which could be your best exam preparation for the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam. No need to waste your valuable time and money, just choose the most valid SY0-601 practice test as your preparation materials. We promise that if practicing SY0-601 questions and answers with ITExamShop PDF and software, you can pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam on the first attempt.

Read The Most Updated SY0-601 Free Exam Questions Below First

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1. A RAT that was used to compromise an organization’s banking credentials was found on a user’s computer. The RAT evaded antivirus detection. It was installed by a user who has local administrator rights to the system as part of a remote management tool set.

Which of the following recommendations would BEST prevent this from reoccurring?

2. To secure an application after a large data breach, an e-commerce site will be resetting all users’ credentials.

Which of the following will BEST ensure the site’s users are not compromised after the reset?

3. A company recently experienced a data breach and the source was determined to be an executive who was charging a phone in a public area.

Which of the following would MOST likely have prevented this breach?

4. A website developer is working on a new e-commerce website and has asked an information security expert for the most appropriate way to store credit card numbers to create an easy reordering process.

Which of the following methods would BEST accomplish this goal?

5. A system administrator needs to implement an access control scheme that will allow an object’s access policy be determined by its owner.

Which of the following access control schemes BEST fits the requirements?

6. An analyst visits an internet forum looking for information about a tool. The analyst finds a threat that appears to contain relevant information.

One of the posts says the following:

Which of the following BEST describes the attack that was attempted against the forum readers?

7. A user recently entered a username and password into a recruiting application website that had been forged to look like the legitimate site

Upon investigation, a security analyst the identifies the following:

• The legitimate websites IP address is and eRecruit local resolves to the IP

• The forged website's IP address appears to be based on NetFtow records

• AH three at the organization's DNS servers show the website correctly resolves to the legitimate IP

• DNS query logs show one of the three DNS servers returned a result of (cached) at the approximate time of the suspected compromise.

Which of the following MOST likely occurred?

8. In the middle of a cybersecurity, a security engineer removes the infected devices from the network and lock down all compromised accounts. In which of the following incident response phases is the security engineer currently operating?

9. A cybersecurity administrator needs to add disk redundancy for a critical server. The solution must have a two- drive failure for better fault tolerance.

Which of the following RAID levels should the administrator select?

10. A database administrator needs to ensure all passwords are stored in a secure manner, so the administrate adds randomly generated data to each password before string.

Which of the following techniques BEST explains this action?


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