The Structure OF Salesforce Certification – Part 2 (Superbadge)

The Structure OF Salesforce Certification – Part 2 (Superbadge)

Today, we will continue to introduce the structure of Salesforce certification. Superbadge is the one part of Salesforce credentials. As we introduced before in post “The Structure of Salesforce Certification – Part 1 (Overview)“, “Earning Salesfore Superbadge proves your skill with real-world bussiness challenges. Superbadge allows you to master your skills and apply them to complex, real-world business problems. In addition, with Super Set, you can prove your expertise in a specific role and take a step towards getting certified and landing the best job. In one word, you can earn skill-based qualifications and enhance your career with Salesforce Superbadge.” There are three roles of Salesforce Superbadge, including:

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Consultant

Each role contains several Super Set to prove that you have skills in related area.

The Structure of Salesforce Certification – Part 2 Superbadge

Salesforce Administrator

Understand Salesforce Administrator, there are three Super Sets in total.

Administrator Super Set

This Super Set demonstrates your practical skills through reports, dashboards, business management, and security in real business scenarios. There are three Superbadges.

  1. Business Administration Specialist: Brighten up a new business unit with the Salesforce tools the team needs to succeed. This superbadge tests the ideas including Data import; User permissions and management; Email templates; UI configuration; Reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience; Chatter features.
  2. Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist: Design powerful reports and dashboards to shine a light on your data. This superbadge tests the ideas including Folder sharing; Lightning Report Builder; Report types; Report filters, cross filters, and logic; Report buckets and groups; Report charts; Custom summary formula fields; Lightning Dashboard Builder.
  3. Security Specialist: Flex your security muscles by locking down permissions and tracking changes. This superbadge tests the ideas including Data Security; User Authentication; User Permissions.

Application Builder Super Set

Completing the Application Builder Super Set means that you understand the details of process automation, security, and application customization. Three superbadges are below this super set.

  1. App Customization Specialist: Put your click-not-code skills to work to build an app and unlock new functionality. It mainly tests your ideas about Record types; Schema; Approval process; Reports; App Builder.
  2. Process Automation Specialist: Showcase your mastery of business process automation without writing a line of code. It tests your ideas about Validations and Formulas; Sales Process; Process Builder; Flow.
  3. Security Specialist, the same as the finally superbadge of Administrator Super Set we mentioned above.

Accounting Experts Super Set

This Super Set focuses on skills such as order management, invoice generation and adjustment, collection and financial reporting. You can demonstrate your expertise in accounting through this Super Set. Two superbadges belong to the Accounting Experts Super Set.

  1. Billing Specialist: Configure Revenue Cloud tools to ensure accuracy, from quote to payment collection. It mainly tests your idears about Usage Based Pricing setup; Split quotes into multiple orders; Process Builder automation for provisioning; Usage consumption process; Automate invoice generation and posting using Invoice Schedulers; Collect payments manually and reduce invoice balances; Adjust invoice balances; Ensure order data integrity for billing through automation and validations; Practice the flow from Quote to Payment.
  2. Advanced Billing Specialist: Showcase your mastery of advanced billing processes, invoice generation, and CPQ. It tests the ideas including Utilize the Salesforce Billing; Configuration App to support downstream recordkeeping; Set up revenue recognition to support full and pro-rata product requirements; Automate Legal Entity population using a Process Builder automation; Process order amendments and cancellations for recurring customers; Generate Account Balances Snapshots and create a custom billing report; Correct and adjust invoices per best practices; Perform contract amendment for Cloud Kicks; Knowledge Check (Quiz).

Salesforce Developer

Only Developer Super Set under the Salesforce Developer, which tests your development skills that explores business process automation and Apex coding. There are two superbadges:

  1. Apex Specialist: Use integration and business logic to push your Apex coding skills to the limit. It tests the ideas including Apex Triggers; Asynchronous Apex; Apex Integration; Apex Testing.
  2. Process Automation Specialist: Showcase your mastery of business process automation without writing a line of code. It tests the ideas including Validations and Formulas; Sales Process; Process Builder; Flow.

Salesforce Consultant

Tableau CRM Super Set is under Salesforce Consultant. You can leverage data to gain insights and take a big step forward in your consulting career using Tableau CRM. Two superbadges below the Tableau CRM Super Set:

  1. Tableau CRM Data Preparation Specialist: Build data connections and transformations to drive insights and AI-powered stories. It mainly tests the ideas including Tableau CRM security; Asset organization and roles; Data loading; Data modification; Troubleshooting dataflow jobs.
  2. Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Insights Specialist: Deliver a solution to reduce subscriber attrition with Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery. It mianly tests your ideas about Translate business requirements into dashboard lenses; Configure a dashboard JSON file; Use SAQL to access, analyze and format datasets for lenses and dashboards; Configure static and results binding; Perform dataset calculations across a set of related rows; Create an Einstein Discovery story; Review and improve Einstein Discovery results; Add Einstein Discovery recommendations to a Salesforce object.

Other SuperBadges

There are some other superbadges can be listed for you:

  • Selling with Sales Cloud Specialist
  • Service Cloud Specialist: Configure Service Cloud to optimize case management, knowledge sharing, and analytics.
  • Financial Services Cloud Specialist: Demonstrate your mastery of FSC fundamentals through implementation configuration.
  • Health Cloud Specialist: Deliver collaborative, connected support for patients and caregivers with Health Cloud.
  • Advanced Apex Specialist: Build complex business logic using advanced Apex and Visualforce programming techniques.
  • Data Integration Specialist: Demonstrate your integration skills by synchronizing external data systems and Salesforce.
  • Lightning Web Components Specialist: Showcase your mastery of Lightning Web Components by building a sophisticated app.


If choose to planning for the Salesforce SuperBadges, you can choose valid exam questions as the preparation materials.

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