Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam [2022] New SCA-C01 Test Questions | ITExamShop

Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam [2022] New SCA-C01 Test Questions | ITExamShop

As one who is intrested in passing Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam, you are in right place to get the new SCA-C01 test questions of ITExamShop as the preparation materials. Tableau SCA-C01 test questions are thoroughly created and verified by ITExamShop top experts. All the SCA-C01 questions and answers are picked from the authentic sources and Tableau Server Certified Associate certified specialists, which are 100% real, well-organized, valid and reliable to use for the SCA-C01 test preparation. All the important SCA-C01 test questions and answers are covered in the SCA-C01 exam contents and objectives for preparing the SCA-C01 exam. Also, the SCA-C01 test questions come with a 100% success guarantee.

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1. Select the correct statement below. Assume that the project content permissions are set to 'Customizable':

2. Select all the types of backup data generated by the tsm settings export command:

3. Given the following signs, how should you optimize Tableau Server?

• During peak traffic hours, resource utilization for memory is consistently high

• Spikes in user traffic affect load times for views

4. Select the correct Tableau Server monitoring tool that is being described:

• A “point-and-run” load and performance testing tool specifically designed to work easily with Tableau Server

• Used to inform scalability and capacity needs for Tableau Server

• Used to establish a baseline for server performance and test deployments before pushing them to production environments

5. What is the file format of a Tableau Server bootstrap file?

6. Which command should you run to verify your SMTP connection?

7. Which of the following statements about Tableau Server site roles are correct? (Select all)

8. True or False: In a multi-node cluster, you can use a combination of Linus and Windows operating systems in the nodes that comprise the cluster

9. A Tableau Server Creator developed a workbook using Tableau Desktop 2019.2, and published the workbook to Tableau Server 2020.3. The next day, the user cannot find the workbook file on his local machine, and so he downloads the workbook again from Tableau Server 2020.3 to perform some updates. Will he be able to open the workbook using Tableau Desktop 2019.2? (Assume that no one else edited the workbook on Tableau Server, or republished the workbook again)

10. Select all the capabilities that both the Explorer (Can Publish) and Explorer site role can do:


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