Select ACA-BIGDATA1 Exam Questions To Be The Best Preparation Materials

Select ACA-BIGDATA1 Exam Questions To Be The Best Preparation Materials

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ACA Big Data Certification Exam ACA-BIGDATA1 Free Questions Below For Checking

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1. There are various methods for accessing to MaxCompute, for example, through management console, client command line, and Java API. Command line tool odpscmd can be used to create, operate, or delete a table in a project. Score 1

2. In order to ensure smooth processing of tasks in the Dataworks data development kit, you must create an AccessKey. An AccessKey is primarily used for access permission verification between various Alibaba Cloud products. The AccessKey has two parts, they are ____. (Number of correct answers: 2) Score 2

3. There are multiple connection clients for MaxCompute, which of the following is the easiest way to configure workflow and scheduling for MaxCompute tasks? Score 2

4. When we use the MaxCompute tunnel command to upload the log.txt file to the t_log table, the t_log is a partition table and the partitioning column is (p1 string, p2 string).

Which of the following commands is correct?

5. MaxCompute takes Project as a charged unit. The bill is charged according to three aspects: the usage of storage, computing resource, and data download respectively. You pay for compute and

storage resources by the day with no long-term commitments. Score 1

6. MaxCompute supports two kinds of charging methods: Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription (CU cost). Pay-As-You-Go means each task is measured according to the input size by job cost. In this charging method the billing items do not include charges due to ______. Score 2

7. DataService Studio in DataWorks aims to build a data service bus to help enterprises centrally manage private and public APIs. DataService Studio allows you to quickly create APIs based on data tables and register existing APIs with the DataService Studio platform for centralized management and release.

Which of the following descriptions about DataService Studio in DataWorks is INCORRECT? Score 2

8. DataWorks can be used to develop and configure data sync tasks.

Which of the following statements are correct? (Number of correct answers: 3) Score 2

9. In MaxCompute, if error occurs in Tunnel transmission due to network or Tunnel service, the user can resume the last update operation through the command tunnel resume; Score 1


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