Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II PDII Exam Questions Updated For Preparation

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II PDII Exam Questions Updated For Preparation

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II PDII exam questions have been updated by the top experts of ITExamShop for good preparation. Students can choose to read the PDII updated questions and answers in a pdf file of ITExamShop. Those questions and answers are related, covering all the exam topics of the actual Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II PDII Exam. The best Salesforce PDII exam questions have been made by ITExamShop that clearly mention everything needed to go through PDII Platform Developer II Exam.

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1. Universal Containers implements a private sharing model for the Convention_Attendence_c custom object. As part of a new quality assurance effort, the company created an Event___Reviewer__c user lookup field on the object. Management wants the event reviewer to automatically gain Read/write access to every record they are assigned to.

What is the best approach to ensure the assigned reviewer obtains Read/Write access to the record?

2. What is a benefit of JavaScript remoting over Visualforce Remote Objects?

3. An integration user makes a successful login() call via the SOAP API.

What can be used in the SOAP header to provide server authorization for subsequent API requests?

4. Which type of controller is best suited when you want to add custom functionality to a standard controller page, or when you want reusable functionality throughout pages?

5. A managed package uses a list of country ISO codes and country names as references data in many different places. managed package Apex code.

What is the optimal way to store and retrieve the list?

6. Choose the correct definition for <apex:actionFunction>.

7. A company has a native iOS app for placing orders that needs to connect to Salesforce to retrieve consolidated information from many different objects in a JSON format .

Which is the optimal method to implement this in Salesforce?

8. 1.A large company uses Salesforce across several departments. Each department has its own Salesforce Administrator. It was agreed that each Administrator would have their own sandbox in which to test changes. Recently, users notice that fields that were recently added for one department suddenly disappear without warning. Also, Workflows that once sent emails and created tasks no longer do so .

Which two statements are true regarding these issues and resolution? Choose 2 answers

9. A developer is writing a Visualforce page that queries accounts in the system and presents a data table with the results. The users want to be able to filter the results based on up to five fields. However, the users want to pick the five fields to use as filter fields when they run the page.

Which feature of Apex code is required to facilitate this solution?

10. A developer needs to send Account records to an external system for backup purposes. The process must take a snapshot of Accounts as they are saved and then make a callout to a RESTful web service. The web service can only receive, at most, one record per call .

Which feature should be used to implement these requirements?


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