Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA Exam CCD-102 Practice Exam Questions

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA Exam CCD-102 Practice Exam Questions

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA certification exam mainly introduces the core programming concepts, relevant files, and scripting language for Salesforce B2C Commerce. As developers new to Salesforce B2C Commerce and experienced developers looking to ramp up on Storefront Reference Architecture, candidates must pass CCD-102 exam successfully to be a Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA certified. With ITExamShop you will only have access to Salesforce CCD-102 practice exam questions with the precise answers that comply with the actual syllabus leaving you to prepare for your CCD-102 Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA exam with relaxation.

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1. A Digital Developer has detected storefront pages being rendered with an error message. After inspecting the log files, the Developer discovered that an enforced quota is being exceeded .

What action should the Developer take to stop the quota violation?

2. A Digital Developer must give users the ability to choose an occasion (holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc.) for which gifts are currently being selected. The data needs to be persistent throughout the current shopping experience.

Which data store variable is appropriate, assuming there is no need to store the selection in any system or custom objects?

3. A Digital Developer extends a system object, Product, and adds a Boolean attribute, "sellable," to it.

Assuming "prod" is the variable name handling the product, what code can the Developer use to access it?

4. A Digital Developer needs to add a new form to the shopping cart page to allow customers to enter their rewards pass ID. There is already an existing cart.js controller that handles processing of the other cart forms. In addition, a form field node is in the form XML and the necessary form input is present in the ISML template.

The code below is the submit button for the ISML markup.

What additional steps must occur before the Digital Developer can begin writing the processing code

for this request?

5. A Digital Developer adds the following line of code to a script. dw.system.Logger.getLogger{'login').debug{"Login API has succeeded");

The code executes without error; however, the log file on disk does NOT contain the log message .

Which two actions should be completed to write the log message to disk? Choose 2 answers

6. Universal Containers sells physical gift cards for the holidays.

What needs to occur to guarantee the cards will always be available?

7. Why Should a Digital Developer use ProductSearchModel.getProducts() instead Of Category.getOnlineProduccs () to access products?


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