Real JN0-682 Exam Questions For Passing Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) Certification Exam

Real JN0-682 Exam Questions For Passing Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) Certification Exam

Earning the Juniper Data Center Track requires completing four levers as listed:

  • Associate Level – Data Center, Associate (JNCIA-DC) JN0-280
  • Specialist Level – Data Center, Specialist (JNCIS-DC) JN0-480
  • Professional Level – Data Center, Professional (JNCIP-DC) JN0-682
  • Expert Level – Data Center, Expert (JNCIE-DC) JPR-981

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1. You are designing a network for a small data center.

In this scenario, which underlay protocol allows for the simplest implementation?

2. In the exhibit, VM1 is part of the same VXLAN segment as VM3.

Which type of message will R1 initially send to R2 so that VM1 receives BUM traffic from VM3?

3. You are asked to deploy 20 QFX Series devices using ZTP Each QFX5 100 requires FTP server.

In this scenario, which two component must you configure on the DHCP Server? (Choose two.)

4. You are building an IP fabric underlay network for your new data center. You must ensure that you have predictable load-balancing behavior throughout your network.

According to Juniper Networks, what are two best practices that should be followed in this scenario? (Choose two.)

5. What are two streaming data formats supported for network analytics? (Choose two.)

6. You want to enable an EBGP-based IP fabric to allow ECMP routes to be populated into the RIB.

In this scenario, which action will accomplish this task?

7. You are configuring an EVPN overlay network. You want to ensure that leaf devices can respond to ARP requests from locally connected hosts, when the leaf device knows the MAC of the intended destination.

In this scenario, what should you configure on the leaf devices to accomplish this task?

8. Which two statements are true Virtual Chassis? (Choose two.)

9. You are attempting to configure filter-based forwarding in your data center. All traffic from Host1 that is going to Host2 should be inspected by the data center firewall. You have verified that the traffic is being forwarded from router leaf L1's VRF-1 to its INSPECT-VRF. However, the traffic is not reaching service L2.

Referring to the exhibit, which two steps should you take to troubleshoot the problem? (choose two.)

10. You are an engineer for a hosting company. You have a new customer that wants the ability to connect any VLAN on any port. They want to have all VLANs map to a single bridge domain and EVPN instance (EVI). They control all their own routing and just need the connectivity.

Which two parameters should you configure to achieve these goals? (Choose two.)


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