Real Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions For Good Preparation

Real Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions For Good Preparation

Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant is a popular Salesforce Marketer certification, which is designed for individuals who have experience configuring Marketing Cloud solutions. It requires to have the active Marketing Cloud Administrator certification as the prerequisite. Also, it requires candidates to have good preparation for passing. Real Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions are available at ITExamShop to help you learning Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant questions and answers before attending the actua test.

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1. Utilizing journey builder interactions for sending post-purchase communications to customers, what contact entry mode fits?

2. Northern Trail Outfitters recently upgraded their preference center to allow customers to indicate which products they are interested in and to have the ability to opt up and down in send volume. They would like to configure the Delivery Options in a Journey Builder Email Activity to take these new data points into account.

Which two options could allow them to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

3. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know the number of Contacts in their account. This information needs to be emailed to their Chief Marketing Officer on a weekly basis.

What could be configured to meet this request?

4. A customer is interested in designing a solution to ensure that subscribers only receive categories of emails that they want to receive. The built-in subscription center will be used as part of the solution.

Which feature should be utilised to make this happen?

5. A customer wants to send a quarterly reengagement email to subscribers who have NOT opened in the previous three months.

The customer’s plans are to:

• Use an existing Paste HTML email for the first send.

• Make only minor changes to the email creative for future sends.

• Send to the subscriber list.

• Deploy emails manually for now, but possibly automate in the future.

Which send method should be used?

6. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to find ways to better drive return on investment and growth via their marketing sends. They plan to centralize their analytics data to allow for a more efficient analysis of this data across all of their campaigns. NTO currently has Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and a third-party warehouse service.

What product would help their use case?

7. Which three statements about Send Log Data is correct?

8. A mobile contact is not receiving SMS messages sent via MobileConnect.

In which two ways could a consultant troubleshoot this issue? (Choose 2 answers)

9. What is a capability of the Import within Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers

10. The customer has the following requirements for storing engagement data in their data warehouse:

* All email open and click activity must be pulled daily from Marketing Cloud.

* Output files must meet the specific requirements for the data warehouse.

* All the activity must be provided via SFTP in one file.

Which automation workflow meets the customer requirements?


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