Program Management Professional (PgMP) Exam PgMP Study Guide

Program Management Professional (PgMP) Exam PgMP Study Guide

Most individuals aksed online, is PgMP worth it? Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill and gives you a distinct advantage in employment and promotion. To help candidates pass PgMP exam successfully, we have PgMP study guide with 452 practice exam questions and answers. ITExamShop PgMP study guide will allow the IT professionals to better prepare for Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification exam.

Below are PMI certification PgMP free questions, which help you check the high-quality of PgMP study guide.

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1. Kelly's program is slipping on its schedule. Management is worried that the program will be late and this will cost the organization several thousand dollars in fines and penalties. They've asked Kelly to use a schedule duration compression technique that will help the program finish on time . The technique that Kelly can use, however, should not add costs to the program.

What duration compression technique should Kelly use in this instance?

2. Gary is program manager for his organization. His current program is over budget and is slipping on the program schedule. Management has demanded a change to the program scope.

What is the most likely type of change management would make to this program scope?

3. You are the program manager for your organization and you are dealing with your program stakeholders. You are explaining to them, along with your program team, how certain activities in the program may cause delays in the schedule if the associated risk events come into play . The cost of impact of the risk events are minimal, but the schedule impacts could be bigger . The stakeholders are concerned about delaying the schedule beyond a given due date for the program. They would like you to determine if it is possible to add more labor, use a higher grade of material, or hire some consultants to ensure the

risks do not occur in the program. They are not much concerned about the cost of the solution as long as the solution or identified risks do not delay the program completion.

What type of risk response are your program stakeholders recommending in this situation?

4. At the beginning of the second year of a five-year strategic cycle, the program management team attends a checkpoint session to review the state of the company’s strategy. During the previous year, the company needed to comply with new government regulations that impacted this strategy.

Based on this information, what should the program manager do?

5. A company is releasing a new product geared toward a specific geographic area . The program manager has received the program objectives and developed the program roadmap, which consists of six program components. Approval from the program governance board has been obtained.

What is the program manager’s next step?

6. Component project managers create project management plans for all component projects in a program . The program manager notices that some project managers prefer one status report template, while others prefer another.

How should the program manager decide which template is appropriate?

7. You are the program manager of the YHT Program. You have been working with a vendor in the program but have decided that the contract between your program and the vendor needs to be terminated.

What two things must be documented if you wish to terminate a vendor's contract?

8. You are the program manager of the HNG Program. This program has a budget at completion of $2,345,900 and is expected to last two years . The program is currently 30 percent complete and you have spent $789,000 . The program is supposed to be 35 percent complete but do to some delays you're slightly behind schedule.

Based on this information, what is the schedule variance (SV) of this program?

9. A program manager concurrently implements a software program at four client locations . The client’s objective is to maintain quality while shortening the software implementation timeline.

What key elements should be included in the benefits register to achieve this goal?

10. Which of the following terms is used for a schedule compression technique where two activities that were previously scheduled to start sequentially start at the same time?


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