New C1000-118 Practice Exam Released [3-11-2022] Success With Real C1000-118 Exam Questions

New C1000-118 Practice Exam Released [3-11-2022] Success With Real C1000-118 Exam Questions

ITExamShop has released new C1000-118 practice exam on March 11, 2022, which contain 123 practice exam questions and answers to help you prepare for IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 certification exam well. Real C1000-118 exam questions of ITExamShop can help you improve your performance in the event you are prepared with C1000-118 actual questions and answers concentrate on information in PDF file and testing engine. ITExamShop promises a full and complete guarantee in the event of failure that hasn’t occurred.

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1. Which of the following two databases are integrated with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services?

2. Which IBM Cloud database service provides transactional support?

3. The customer decided to remove the Caveonix RiskForesight all-in-one service from the IBM Cloud and move to a distributed model for VMware Solutions. By default, IBM automatically deletes only the single deployed all-in-one Caveonix VM and the dedicated private subnet that was ordered for it.

What are the key considerations? (Select Two)

4. On IBM Cloud, what are the two types of pipelines and how are they specified?

5. The Db2 service on IBM Cloud use which type of data model?

6. How does distributing an application across regions improve availability?

7. Which of the following aggregates logs in IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA?

8. When connecting an Application Server running on a VSI to a database server running on Bare Metal in IBM Cloud, which of the following is the recommended connectivity option at the lowest cost?

9. Which service does IBM Cloud Pak for Data utilize to organize data through data classification and governance?

10. For File Storage Configuration, what are jumbo frames?


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