Latest PK0-004 Study Guide For Earning CompTIA Project+ Certification

Latest PK0-004 Study Guide For Earning CompTIA Project+ Certification

Deciding to take PK0-004 exam to be a CompTIA Project+ certified can be achieved by using the latest PK0-004 study guide of ITExamShop. The PK0-004 study guide with the latest exam questions and answers have a 100% passing rate. ITExamShop had helped many students like you in becoming the CompTIA Project+ certified with the latest PK0-004 exam questions.

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1. A project manager provides status reports to a customer on a biweekly basis, but the customer is very busy and only has a few minutes to review the project.

Which of the following are critical for the project manager to provide?

2. A department manager asks a project manager about the status of a project that has only a few employees from the department assigned to it.

Which of the following were MOST likely missed during project planning?

3. While working on risk ranking, the project team is unsure about the qualitative scales to be used for probability and impact. The project manager directs the team to look in the:

4. The project sponsor has cut the resources required for project completion. The project manager cannot complete the project without additional resources.

Which of the following should the project manager do to obtain the resources?

5. An outsourced project team member approaches the project manager and complains that the contract does not permit overtime. The project manager had fast-tracked tasks that require additional hours.

Which of the following documents did the project manager fail to reference?

6. A project coordinator logs potential events that can affect project constraints, and then records the results of brainstorming of potential strategies.

Which of the following documents should the project coordinator use?

7. A project manager needs to identify the resources assigned to a particular task.

In which of the following documents can this information be found?

8. A project manager is justifying a required change with the associated impact on the project.

Which of the following is the NEXT step?

9. Maintenance estimates.

Which of the following information should the project manager provide?

10. A project manager needs to track the actual and estimated start and finish dates of all WBS work packages.

Which of the following is a necessary step to record the actual durations?


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