Latest NS0-184 Exam Questions For Instant Download

Latest NS0-184 Exam Questions For Instant Download

Now, you can come to ITExamShop to instant download the latest NS0-184 exam questions pdf file if you are a candidate who is preparing for NS0-184 NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP certification exam. ITExamShop has released the latest NS0-184 practice exam with actual questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Network Appliance NS0-184 exam successfully.

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1. Upon finishing the Installation of a new system for a customer, they request that you train them on how to administer the system. In this scenario, which two responses are appropriate? (Choose two.)

2. A host cannot connect to the namespace configured on an NVMe-enabled SVM.

In this scenario, what are two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

3. You need to move a LIF to another port or to another node which requires certain configuration settings.

Which two conditions should be verified before beginning this operation? (Choose two.)

4. Exhibit:

While you are introducing the customer to the NetApp Support website, they ask you to ensure that the new ONTAP storage array is covered by support before you complete the knowledge transfer procedure.

Referring to the exhibit, which two widgets would you select to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

5. You were asked to install a FAS9000 with two quad-port SAS PCI cards. The SAS PCI cards are installed in slot 9 and slot 1. In preparation for the installation, you are filling out the SAS cabling worksheet.

In this scenario, which ports are used for the second stack?

6. A 4-node cluster has connectivity for both block and file access. Nodes 1 and 3 are used for file access, and nodes 2 and 4 are used for block access. During routine maintenance, node 4 is switched off and the LIFs are migrated to other nodes. Upon investigation, you see that the LIFs that serve file traffic have moved to alternative ports.

However, LIFs that serve the block have not migrated. In this scenario, what is happening?

7. You are preparing to install a new clustered Data ONTAP system.

Which tool prepares all the relevant customer and configuration information?

8. Which tool checks a newly installed environment for configuration errors?

9. When you configure EMS to send event notifications, which customer data do you need to include? (Choose two.)

10. At a new Installation, you run Config Advisor and see the warnings shown In the exhibit.

What should you do to correct the warnings on the node?


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