Latest Huawei HCIA-Storage Certification Exam H13-611 Practice Test

Latest Huawei HCIA-Storage Certification Exam H13-611 Practice Test

HCIA-Storage is one of the Huawei certifications, which proves the holders understand and master the knowledge and skills about storage technology trends, storage systems architecture, storage basic technologies, storage common advanced technologies, storage service continuity solutions, and basic O&M management of storage systems. The current version of HCIA-Storage certification is V4.5. When planning to take H13-611 exam to complete the Huawei HCIA-Storage certification, please choose our latest H13-611 practice test to be well-prepared. Huawei H13-611 practice test with the latest and newest H13-611 questions and answers ensure that you can pass Huawei HCIA-Storage V4.5 exam successfully.

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1. Which module is not in the disk enclosure of a storage device?

2. In the LAN-Base networking, both the service flow and the data flow take the LAN network, and occupy a large bandwidth.

3. Statement 1: Virtual Tape libraries allow for a highly scaleable backup strategy as storage can be added later.

Statement 2: Virtual Tape Libraries should be used when remote datacenters are NOT available.

4. The cloudification of IT architecture is from "separation" to "convergence" .

What does convergence mean?

5. The following describes RAID 10, which are correct? (Multiple choice)

6. Huawei V3 series storage system hardware includes controller enclosures and disk enclosures .

Which of the following statements about controller enclosures is correct?

7. A device can have one WWPN but multiple WWNN's.

8. What is the description of file-level HyperSnap feature data recovery in Huawei OceanStor V3 storage system, which

Are these correct? (Multiple choice)

9. For the data stored on the medium, there is no need to physically crush or sell it as the data recorded on the paper

Ruined situation.

10. LAN Free and Server Free are backup networking methods that have little impact on host performance.


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