Huawei Specialist Certifications Are About To Be Updated

Huawei Specialist Certifications Are About To Be Updated

You may be familiar with Huawei certification. It is committed to providing leading talent development system and certification standards, developing new ICT professionals in the digital era and building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem. Recently, there are some upgrades for Huawei certification, including Cloud certifications upgrade, Huawei Routing & Switching certification will be replaced by Huawei Datacom certification etc,. Besides, Huawei Specialist certifications are about to be updated.

Huawei Specialist Certifications Details

Huawei certification is hot as we mentioned above. It can be divided into two categories, including Career certifications which contains ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Service & Platform. All Huawei career certifications have three levels: Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA), Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP), and Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE). And specialist certifications, which focus on measuring the skills of partners’ employees, Huawei employees, and other people in the society for core ICT-related positions, include three types certifications, sales (HCSA), pre-sales (HCPA/HCPP), and post-sales (HCS-Field).

To align with the trend of ICT evolution, Huawei will update the specialist certification on January 10, 2022. This upgrade is to improve partners’ specialized competencies and better serve customers. No need to worry about, this update only refer to the specialist certification names, all the contents will not change.

Three Main Points OF Huawei Specialist Certification Update

Huawei specialist certification includes tree types as we mentioned, but according to new rules, the specialist certification names update. There are three main points of Huawei specialist certification update:

  1. New certifications will be named in the form of “HCSX + Position + Domain”. “HCS” stands for “Huawei Certified Specialist”, and “X” indicates the level: A for Associate, P for Professional, and E for Expert. HCSX may include thee leves, including HCSA (Huawei Certified Specialist – Associate), HCSP (Huawei Certified Specialist – Professional), and HCSE (Huawei Certified Specialist – Expert).
  2. No big upgrade of the positions. After update, the positions include Sales, Presales, Field, etc.
  3. Certification domains include data communication, transmission & access, data storage and intelligent vision, HUAWEI CLOUD, digital power, enterprise wireless, enterprise services, computing, etc. Not big update, but some new certification domains released when comparing with the old rule.

The Original Certifications and New certifications Shall Have Equal Validity

The new Huawei Specialist exams will be released before the update, candidates are recommended to complete the new certifications. The update of Huawei Specialist certifications will help partners master the latest Huawei solutions and product technologies, improve their capabilities in providing professional products and services for customers, and help match candidates to the most suited position.

It doesn’t matter if you have registered the original certification, all original certificates remain valid before their expiration date. Both the original and new certificates shall have the same effect during the transition period.

List Huawei Specialist Certification Names Update

Read the following figure to check the Huawei Specialist Certification Names Update:

Huawei Specialist Certification Names Update

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