HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531 Exam Questions Are Applicable For Both Original Version and New Version

HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531 Exam Questions Are Applicable For Both Original Version and New Version

H13-531 is the written exam for HCIE-Cloud Computing certification, and we recommend to use Huawei H13-531 exam questions as the preparation materials. We know HCIE-Cloud Computing certification is a hot Huawei certification, which have two versions currently, including the original version and new version. H13-531 exam is the required exam which is applicable for both the two version. HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531 exam questions are great to ensure that you can pass your exam and achieve the dream certification successfully.

H13-531 Free Questions Are Below To Help You Check Why We Recommend H13-531 Exam Questions

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1. In the environment where FusionSphere OpenStack is connected to KVM, when virtual machine is created, ( ) will calculate a node suitable for establishing a virtual machine through a series of algorithms, and notify () to complete the creation of the virtual machine.

2. In the FusionSphere private cloud solution, which of the following statements about the principle of virtual machine rapid release are incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

3. The control node of FusionSphere OpenStack can provide NTP service.

4. When using the Rainbow migration, the source end can be a physical server, VMware or Hyper-V virtualization platform, and the destination end is the FusionSphere platform.

5. The FusionStorage Block alarms: "VBS failed to load metadata". Which of the following are the possible causes? (Multiple Choice)

6. Regarding the description of the functions of each module of FusionSphere OpenStack, which of the following is incorrect?

7. FusionCompute uses IP SAN storage. When a disk is created, it fails probabilistically. Which of the following may cause this fault?

8. When an engineer designs Huawei BCManager eBackup backup for a customer, he finds that the production storage uses FusionStorage in the requirements research. Which of the following networking methods is more suitable for the customer?

9. Which of the following dimensions can be used by FusionSphere OpenStack to evaluate the performance of the logical host fc-nova-compute, select the logical host with the best overall performance, and schedule the cluster resources? (Multiple Choice)

10. In the FusionSphere server virtualization scenario, if the HA function is configured, which of the following requirements for the network are correct?


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