Excellent Certified B2C Commerce Developer Exam Resource – Good Learning Materials For Preparation

Excellent Certified B2C Commerce Developer Exam Resource – Good Learning Materials For Preparation

Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam is designed for individuals who have experience as developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital. We have excellent Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam resources for your preparation. We have collected the Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam questions and answers based on the objectives, those are valid so that you can pass your Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer certification exam successfully. The Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam questions are astonishing or validated so you could prepare with ITExamShop exam resources with outstanding methods and attain the ideal score inside the Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam.

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1. A Digital Developer is working on a multi-site realm. A new site requires a different layout for the account landing page. The business logic and data model remain the same. The existing code is in AccountControl.js and accountlanding.isml in the app_storefront cartridge. The app_storefront cartridge contains code for all other business functions. The cartridge path for the new site is currently int_cybersource:int_paypal:app_storefront.

The Developer creates a new cartridge named app_newsite that contains only the accountlanding.isml template for the new site.

Which modification should be made to the new cartridge path?

2. The following code ensures that an address ID CANNOT be used if it is already in use by another address in the customer’s address book. There is a problem with the code.

The error message for an invalid address ID is never shown to the user on the form field.

How should the Digital Developer resolve this issue so that the error message is displayed on the address ID form field?

3. There are three logging categories: category1, category1.eu, and category1.us.

In Business Manager, category1 is enabled for WARN level and no other categories are configured. All custom log targets are enabled.

The code segment below executes.

var logger = Logger.getLogger(“loggerFile”, “category1.eu” );

logger.warn(“This is a log message”);

What is the result'

4. Given the SFRA Controller below:

Why would a JavaScript debugger, that is stopped at line 06, fall to show the viewdata variable in the inspection tool?

5. A developer has the following files in template/resources:






weight.unit= pounds

Using the default locale configuration, what is the current outcome of the page that renders the account.isml template snippet below when visiting the Sofrefront with the English for Canada(en_CA) locale=

Your parcel weighs 10 ${Resource.msg(‘weight.unit’,’account’)}

6. A Digital Developer has identified that the code segment below is causing performance problems.

What should the Developer do to improve the code?

7. A client has a requirement to allow users on the Storefornt to filter by a newly created attribute.

Which is necessary to achieve this?

8. A merchant has a requirement to sell a combination of four existing products with a unique product ID.

This collection will be known as ‘Our Top Combo’, and is base don the merchant’s trading information that

shows this combination to be in high demand.

What does the developer need to do next to fulfill this requirement?

9. A developer is importing edits for two different sites into the same sandbox, and is provided with four different files.

Which two XML files should the developer import using the site-specific Merchant Tools import modules,

instead of the Administration section import modules? Choose 2 answers.

10. A developer has configured the following log levels for categories & sub categories as WARN logging is enabled for 'product’ and DEBUG for "product.import"

What will be the log level used for various categories and sub-categories?


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