CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Exam Questions – Newly Updated XK0-004 Practice Exam [2022]

CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Exam Questions – Newly Updated XK0-004 Practice Exam [2022]

CompTIA Linux+ certification candidates are only required to pass XK0-004 exam, which validates the skills of IT professionals with hands-on experience configuring, monitoring, and supporting servers running the Linux operating system. ITExamShop newly updated XK0-004 practice exam to make sure that candidates can practice the new CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 exam questions and answers for passing CompTIA Linux+ certification exam successfully. The most updated and the latest XK0-004 exam questions of ITExamShop covering XK0-004 exam objectives, which could be the best preparation materials online.

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1. A Linux administrator is testing connectivity to a remote host on a shared terminal. The administrator wants to allow other users to access the terminal while the command is executing.

Which of the following commands should the administrator use?

2. Which of the following commands would show the default printer on a Linux system?

3. An administrator is using a configuration management tool to define a system’s configuration. The defined configuration can be used to provision new systems, rebuild existing systems, or roll back systems to their original baseline configurations.

Which of the following BEST describes what the administrator is doing?

4. A technical support engineer receives a ticket from a user who is trying to create a 1KB file in the /tmp directory and is getting the following error No space left on device. The support engineer checks the /tmp directory, and it has 20GB of free space.

Which of the following BEST describes a possible cause for this error?

5. The development team has automated their software build process so each time a change is submitted to the source code repository, a new software build is compiled. They are requesting that the Linux operations team look into automating the deployment of the software build into the test environment.

Which of the following is the benefit to the development team for implementing deployment automation?

6. An organization wants to consolidate its entire user information in centralized storage using an X.500-based protocol.

Which of the following protocols should be used for this implementation?

7. Which of the following will provide a list of all flash, external, internal, and SSD drives?

8. Joe, a user, is unable to log in to the server and contracts the systems administrator to look into the issue.

The administrator examines the /etc/passwd file and discovers the following entry:


Which of the following commands should the administrator execute to resolve the problem?

9. When a technician plugs a USB flash drive into a server, the drive does not mount automatically.

Which of the following commands will provide the information needed to mount the drive manually?

10. Which of the following would be the BEST solution for a systems administrator to access the graphical user environment of a Linux machine remotely?


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