CIMA Study Guide Real CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG Exam Questions For Preparation

CIMA Study Guide Real CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG Exam Questions For Preparation

You can read CIMA exam overviews via the article “CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG Real Exam Questions Released – One OF CIMA Certification Exams“, then you can find the real CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG exam questions released by ITExamShop for your good preparation. Valid CIMA Study Guide CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG exam questions supplied by the ITExamShop are getting verified by the group of CIMA authorities and this group of CIMA experts had created real CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG questions and answers that you simply will be able to prepare for the CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG F2 Advanced Financial Reporting (Online) certification exam in the first try.

Checking Real CIMAPRA19-F02-1-ENG Exam Questions By Reading Free Questions And Test Yourself Online

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1. EF obtained a government licence, free of charge, to operate a silver mine in 20X7 and $5 million was spent on preparing the site. The mine commenced operation on 1 January 20X8. The licence requires that at the end of the mine's useful life of 20 years, the site above ground must be reinstated to its original position.

EF estimated that the cost in 20 years' time of this reinstatement will be $3 million, which has a present value of $1 million at 1 January 20X8.

Which THREE of the following describe how the cost of the reinstatement of the site should be treated in the financial statements of EF in the year ended 31 December 20X8?

2. Which TWO of the following statements about bonds and their issue are true?

3. LM acquired 80% of the equity shares of ST when ST's retained earnings were $50 million.

The fair value of the net assets of ST included a contingent liability with a fair value of $100 million at the date of acquisition and a fair value of $40 million at 31 December 20X6.

No other fair value adjustments were required at the date of acquisition.

LM and ST had retained earnings of $200 million and $80 million respectively at 31 December 20X6.

The consolidated retained earnings of LM at 31 December 20X6 were:

4. What figure will be presented in GHI's consolidated statement of changes in equity for the year ended 31 December 20X4, in respect of dividends paid to non-controlling interest?

5. JJ's current share price is $1.80, with a dividend of $0.20 a share just about to be paid.

Dividends have increased at an average annual growth rate of 4.5% and this is expected to continue into the future.

What is JJ's cost of equity?

6. ST has in issue unquoted 7% debentures which were issuedat par and are redeemable in 1 year's time. These debentures cannot be traded. The yield to maturity on these debentures has been calculated at 5%.

Which of the following would explain why the yield to maturity is lower than the coupon?

7. Which TWO of the following are true in relation to IAS21.

The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates when consolidating an overseas subsidiary?

8. Information from the financial statements of RST for the year ended 30 April 20X9 is as follows:

What is the price earnings (P/E) ratio for RST at 30 April 20X9?

9. ST has sold its main office property, which had a carrying value of $360,000, to AB, a property management entity.

The property was sold for $400,000 which is equal to its fair value and was immediately leased back under an operating lease agreement.

Which of the following journals will record this transaction?

10. An accountant acting under their Code of Ethics would do which THREE of the following?


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