CIA Exam Part Two: Practice of Internal Auditing IIA-CIA-Part2 Exam Questions

CIA Exam Part Two: Practice of Internal Auditing IIA-CIA-Part2 Exam Questions

IIA Certified Internal Auditor certification requires to complete three parts as listed:

CIA Exam Part Two: Practice of Internal Auditing IIA-CIA-Part2 exam questions are available to help you complete the part 2 successfully. IIA-CIA-Part2 exam questions help you in preparing for the IIA-CIA-Part2 CIA Exam Part Two: Practice of Internal Auditing within the most efficient way. While alternatively, the IIA-CIA-Part2 exam questions and answers aids you in acquiring to understand the real IIA-CIA-Part2 exam.

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1. What would be used to determine the collectability of accounts receivable balances?

2. 1.An internal auditor provided the following statement about division A's performance during the month: "Because supplies of raw material X were scarce, division A's profits declined by 15 percent."

Which of the following can be validly concluded from the auditor's statement?

I. Division A's production level declined by 15 percent.

II. Division A could have sold more products than it produced.

III. Division A usually sells all of the products that it produces.

3. A governmental auditor was assigned to determine reasons why the students in one region scored significantly higher on education evaluation tests than did the students in another region. Previous research showed that there is a direct correlation between public financial support and student results.

Which of the following is most likely to explain the difference in the regional results?

4. Access control software on an organization's mainframe computer records detailed information concerning both successful and unsuccessful log-on attempts to applications.

Which of the following audit tools would be best suited to review the access information that has been recorded?

5. An internal auditor is discussing an audit problem with an engagement client.

While listening to the client, the internal auditor should:

6. Which of the following trends found on financial reports would most likely indicate a possible problem?

7. What does the following scatter gram suggest?

8. Which of the following, if observed, would not indicate the need to extend the search for other indicators of fraud in a purchasing department?

9. Many questionnaires are made up of a series of different questions that use the same response categories (for example: strongly agree, agree, neither, disagree, strongly disagree). Some designs will have different groups of respondents answer alternate versions of the questionnaire that present the questions in different orders and reverse the orientation of the endpoints of the scale (for example: agree on the right and disagree on the left).

The purpose of such questionnaire variations is to:

10. Which of the following would provide the greatest assurance of the accuracy of a computer program's computation of freight charges for catalog sales?


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