Adobe Real-Time CDP Expert Certification AD0-E600 Real Exam Questions [2022]

Adobe Real-Time CDP Expert Certification AD0-E600 Real Exam Questions [2022]

Do you want to earn the Adobe Real-Time CDP Expert Certification? If yes, you must pass both the two Adobe exams below:

  • AD0-E600 Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations
  • AD7-E601 Adobe Real-Time CDP Technical Practitioner

Between the two exams, the Adobe AD0-E600 exam validates your skills and knowledge covering the basic features and frequently performed tasks of Adobe Experience Platform at the Expert level. We here introduce you to the AD0-E600 real exam questions as your learning materials. Adobe AD0-E600 real exam questions will certainly enable you to open the door of brand-new opportunities to get a high rating. You will certainly be able to get a high-rated job in the company if Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations certification is composed on your return. ITExamShop ensures that you can pass the AD0-E600 exam to earn the certification successfully.

Read Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations AD0-E600 Free Exam Questions Below

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1. Which service allows a data engineer to look up all metadata for a given batch ID via API?

2. Which subset of data appears when clicking the 'Preview dataset" button on a Dataset page?

3. When sending data through the RESTful API. how can data engineers make sure the payload being sent is formatted property in real time?

4. What is model scoring in the Data Science Workspace?

5. A data engineer is bringing in audience definitions into Adobe Experience Platform from external sources .

Which standard Experience Data Model (XDM) class should the data engineer use?

6. A data engineer is ingesting the transactional information from an ecommerce platform through a daily feed. In AEP, one Experience Event-based schema will collect the purchase events from this feed.

The eventType field of the schema must be populated with "commerce.purchases' if in a CSV record in which the column 'pure ha sesf arid ate' and 'purchaseenddate" happen on the same day, If the "purchasee/irfdate" is set to a later date, the eventType should be *commerce._orgtenant.cancer.

Both dates follow the same format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z~. and the "purchaseenddate' is always populated.

How should the data engineer create a Calculated Field that can be used to populate the eventType according to the required logic?






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