Adobe Creative Cloud Certification Real AD0-C102 Practice Exam

Adobe Creative Cloud Certification Real AD0-C102 Practice Exam

How to prepare for AD0-C102 Adobe Certified Instructor for Creative Cloud Video Editing Solutions certification exam well? Come to choose real Adobe certification AD0-C102 practice exam to achieve Adobe Creative Cloud certification successfully. We highly recommend to read Adobe AD0-C102 practice exam questions and memorize all the answers in AD0-C102 pdf file. We ensure that you can pass AD0-C102 exam in the first attempt. Additionally, AD0-C102 free questions as the demo are parts of full AD0-C102 practice exam, which help you check the high-quality of AD0-C102 practice exam.

Adobe Creative Cloud Certification AD0-C102 Free Questions Below:

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1. You are -working on a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. You would like to create a new graphic in Adobe Photoshop to incorporate in the current sequence.

How can you create a new Photoshop file with settings that match the current Premiere Pro sequence?

2. You have edited a multicamera source sequence into a large! sequence. You want to view the footage from multiple cameras simultaneously.

How do you enable Multi-Camera editing in the Program Monitor?

3. You have restored an archived project. When you open the project you discover that the preview dies were not included m the archive.

How can you re-create them?

4. You have created a project that includes several elements you expect to use in future projects.

What is the most efficient way to save time when creating similar projects?

5. You have made some changes to the export settings and want to create these settings as an Export preset.

How should you do this?

6. You want to configure a preset to adjust the timing of keyframes to fit the duration of the target clip.

In the Save Preset dialog, which option should you select?

7. You shot an interview with two separate cameras, and you notice that the colors of the two cameras do not match.

How can you view both clips at the same time to make a comparison?

8. A graphic in the Source Monitor seems to have a black background and you are not sure if it has an Alpha channel.

How can you set The Source Monitor to display the graphic contents along with areas of Transparency rather than with a black background?

9. You are working on a computer that has relatively low RAM and need to balance available memory between video editing and other computer system demands.

How can you adjust the amount of RAM reserved for Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

10. You have an image with low rectangular logos, but you only want to use oneof the logos in your timeline.

How can you achieve this?


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