Actual CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Study Guide CLO-002 Exam Questions

Actual CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Study Guide CLO-002 Exam Questions

Passing CLO-002 exam is the requirement of getting CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification. CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is the only internationally recognized, vendor-neutral certification, which is for both IT and non-technical professionals who require the essential business acumen needed to make informed cloud service decisions. To be a CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certified, you can choose our actual CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Study Guide CLO-002 Exam Questions. Candidates are encouraged to use CLO-002 exam questions pdf file to prepare for CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification well.

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1. A business analyst is examining a report and notices compute costs are very high for four cloud-based, load- balanced virtual machines hosting an application. The application will be in use for at least two more years, but there are no developers available to help optimize it.

Which of the following should the analyst recommend to BEST reduce costs without impacting performance?

2. An organization wants to migrate a locally hosted application to a PaaS model. The application currently runs on a 15-year-old operating system and cannot be upgraded.

Which of the following should the organization perform to ensure the application will be supported in the cloud?

3. Monthly cloud service costs are BEST described as:

4. Which of the following explains why a cloud provider would establish and publish a format data sanitization policy for its clients?

5. In a DevOps environment there is a requirement to start building application solutions in an efficient manner without any dependent components.

Which of the following should a DevOps engineer do to meet these requirements?

6. A company has a perpetual license for a database application.

Which of the following is the MOST cost- effective option when moving to the cloud?

7. Which of the following cloud characteristics helps transform from a typical capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model?

8. A company wants to deploy an application in a public cloud.

Which of the following service models gives the MOST responsibility to the provider?

9. A new company directive requires all departments to ensure intellectual property is kept within a country’s borders.

Which of the following concepts BEST represents this requirement?

10. Which of the following is an example of multifactor authentication?


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