ACP Cloud Security Professional Certification ACP-Sec1 Practice Exam Questions

ACP Cloud Security Professional Certification ACP-Sec1 Practice Exam Questions

Do you know ACP-Sec1 ACP Cloud Security Professional certification exam? It is the professional level of Alibaba Cloud Security certification. When preparing for ACP-Sec1 exam, you can use the proper online learning questions for preparation, so ITExamShop is highly recommended. Alibaba Cloud ACP-Sec1 practice exam questions at ITExamShop are designed to assess your ACP Cloud Security Certification Exam. Use the ITExamShop ACP-Sec1 exam pdf file to know your weaknesses in the ACP-Sec1 test. It will help you to improve your skills and get better at taking the Alibaba Cloud ACP-Sec1 test to pass in one attempt.

Try to read ACP-Sec1 free questions to check the demo of ACP Cloud Security Professional Certification.

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1. Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor is a service that monitors Alibaba Cloud resources and Internet applications

Which of the following functions are currently provided by CloudMonitor? (Number of correct answers: 4)

2. The ScheduleKeyDeletion function lets you schedule a time to delete Key Management Service (KMS) keys.

How far in the future can a key deletion event be scheduled?

3. Alibaba Cloud WAF cannot protect against large traffic DDoS attacks which can be solved by Alibaba Cloud Ant-DDoS Service.

4. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium can be used only when the origin site IP address is in Alibaba Cloud.

5. Alibaba Cloud's Content Moderation service cannot detect advertising or spam content.

6. Alibaba Cloud WAF is a security protection product based on Alibaba Group's web security defense experience accumulated over more than a decade By defending against common OWASP attacks, providing patches to fix vulnerabilities, and allowing users to customize protection policies for website services, WAF can successfully safeguard the security and availability of websites and web applications.

Which of the following types of security configurations does WAF provide? (Number of correct answers 3)

7. Cross Site Script (XSS) attacks refer to a kind of attack by tampering the webpage using HTML injection to insert malicious scripts so as to control the user's browser when the user browses the webpage XSS vulnerabilities may be used for user identity stealing (particularly the administrator identity), behavior hijacking, Trojan insertion and worm spreading, and also phishing

8. Which of the following methods can be used to download the metric data of Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor?

9. You have set an alert policy for the disk usage of an ECS instance by using Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor Each measurement cycle lasts for 5 minutes, during which the average disk usage is measured If the average disk usage exceeds 80% for five consecutive measurement cycles, an alert will be reported.

After your average disk usage exceeds 80%, how long will it take to receive an alert with the best case scenario?

10. A customer built his website on Alibaba Cloud- To defend against Web attacks he activated Alibaba Cloud WAF However, a week later, the customer finds that his website has suffered intrusion.

Which of the following actions should he take to ensure that WAF functions correctly and enhance system security? (Number of correct answers: 4)


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