VMware vSAN Specialist 5V0-22.21 Exam Questions Available AT ITExamShop

VMware vSAN Specialist 5V0-22.21 Exam Questions Available AT ITExamShop

VMware vSAN Specialist 5V0-22.21 exam questions are available at ITExamShop will help you to pass VMware 5V0-22.21 exam and get VMware Specialist – vSAN 2021 (vSAN Specialist 2021) certification with fantastic results. The team of VMware experts have created certain that you just will likely be able to pass the VMware 5V0-22.21 test with the enable of the 5V0-22.21 exam questions in the initially try. You will also get totally free updates of verified VMware 5V0-22.21 practice exam for up to one year soon after purchasing. By passing the VMware certification 5V0-22.21 exam with all the aid of the updated 5V0-22.21 practice test questions you may have the ability to advance your IT profession towards the next level and can win promotions on your present job.

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1. After a server power failure, the administrator noticed the scheduled resyncing in the cluster monitor displays objects to be resynchronized under the pending category.

What are these objects in this category?

2. An administrator must choose between deploying a virtual witness or physical witness for a vSAN Stretched Cluster. The administrator eventually decides to use a virtual witness.

What is a benefit of selecting this approach?

3. Which tool should be used to identify vSAN unassociated objects?

4. When viewing the VMware Skyline Health: vSAN Object Health report, the vSAN administrator observes that the link “Repair Objects Immediately” is enabled.

What is the meaning of this message?

5. A new host with local storage devices has been added to a vSAN cluster. Now, the administrator would like to increase the capacity of the vSAN datastore.

What must be done to the new host to accomplish this goal?

6. The objects on a 4-node vSAN cluster are assigned a RAID-5 policy. A network outage occurs, causing host one to lose connectivity with the rest of the cluster. Seventy-five minutes have elapsed.

What is the health state of the objects?

7. 1.A vSAN administrator wants to install a patch on an existing vSAN cluster. The environment runs vSphere 7.0, and the patch contains ESXi 7.0 Update 1c. The vSAN administrator will use vSphere Lifecycle Manager images to add the patch to the proper image and apply it to the vSAN cluster.

Which action should be performed before patching the ESXi hosts in the vSAN cluster?

8. An existing vSAN cluster has this specification:

✑ Four ESXi hosts with all flash configuration

✑ Each with two disk groups

✑ Each disk group with one cache device and four capacity devices

✑ There are five more device slots available

The CTO would like to provision new applications, and these will need more capacity and performance.

Which two methods may be used by the vSAN administrator to meet this goal? (Choose two.)

9. A vSAN administrator has a vSAN cluster that is using vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) to manage hypervisor, server drivers, and firmware. All hosts in the cluster are compliant according to the vLCM image.

A 10GB NIC on the servers is experiencing issues, the vSAN administrator determines a new network driver will resolve the problem. Unfortunately, the required NIC driver is a newer version compared to the driver provided by the most recent Vendor Addon.

Which action should the vSAN administrator take to ensure the latest network driver is installed on the NIC before remediation?


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