VMware VCP-DW 2021 Certification 2V0-62.21 Real Questions

VMware VCP-DW 2021 Certification 2V0-62.21 Real Questions

Because the old version, 2V0-61.20 exam is retiring on September 31, 2021, new VCP-DW 2021 certification 2V0-62.21 exam has been released online. If you are planning for 2V0-62.21 Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X exam to complete VMware Certified Professional – Digital Workspace 2021 (VCP-DW 2021) certification, come here to choose the valid VMware certification 2V0-62.21 real questions as the study materials. Real 2V0-62.21 practice test come with 60 exam questions and answers, which will be your passport of actual Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X exam.

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1. An administrator has received complaints from end-users not receiving consistent email notifications on their iOS devices. Email is configured on the end-users devices using only the VMware Boxer email client. Boxer is only configured from Workspace ONE to use Office 365.

What can the administrator do to resolve the inconsistent email notifications?

2. What two features of Hub Services can be enabled without enabling Workspace ONE Access and having the authentication mode set to Workspace ONE UEM? (Choose two.)

3. Which two statements are true about Content Gateway and Tunnel on Unified Access Gateway? (Choose two.)

4. Which three options are supported by Workspace ONE Access? (Choose three.)

5. An administrator requires a report on the chassis type of their Windows desktop devices.

The information is currently not showing as a table entry in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

What does the administrator need to create to have this information show in Workspace ONE Intelligence?

6. You are an administrator configuring custom reports in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

What is the maximum number of custom reports you can create per Organization Group (OG)?

7. Which Workspace ONE UEM feature can assist in sending event log information to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool?

8. IT management has announced all traffic from the DMZ will be blocked unless it passes through a newly configured proxy, effective immediately. Administrators notice that SEGv2 is unable to contact the Workspace ONE API Service in their SaaS environment.

Which configuration will the administrators need to amend and apply to the SEGv2 servers?

9. A company has BYOD iOS devices and would like to give them access to internal sites in VMware Web without requiring full device management.

Which VMware best practice configuration is needed to enable this?

10. A Workspace ONE UEM administrator is migrating collections, applications, and policies from SCCM to Workspace ONE.

When using AirLift, which three of the following must the administrator allow AirLift to access on the ConfigMgr server? (Choose three.)


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