VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.20 Exam Questions Released

VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.20 Exam Questions Released

To help you pass VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist certification exam, we have released updated VMware 5V0-31.20 exam questions for preparation. VMware Cloud Foundation Specialist 5V0-31.20 exam is the written exam for VMware Certified Specialist – Cloud Foundation 2021 (VCF2021) certification. Newest VMware 5V0-31.20 exam questions are based on the knowledge of how to plan for, and execute, the VCF bring up process and demonstrates knowledge of how to use and configure VMware Cloud Foundation. We ensure that you can pass VMware 5V0-31.20 exam successfully.

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1. Which role is required to edit backup configuration in SDDC Manager?

2. Which two statements are correct about VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) license editions'' (Choose two)

3. An architect designs a VMware Cloud Foundation which includes three workload domains in addition to the management domain Each workload domain is comprised of two Clusters with 19 hosts in each. There is a requirement to keep the NSX-T Manager instances to a minimum for ease of management.

Which NSX-T Manager VM appliance sizing option should the architect choose to support the workload domains using the minimum number of NSX-T Manager clusters?

4. A system administrator is creating an NSX-T Edge cluster with two-tier routing to the workload domain. The administrator select Workload Management as a use case which requires Large Edge Form Factor.

What are the hardware specifications of an NSX Edge Large appliance?

5. The VMware Cloud Foundation management domain has been deployed, and post-deployment tasks can now be completed. The administrator needs to configure Single Sign-On for VMware Cloud Foundation user authentication.

Which two authentication sources can be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two )

6. An architect is tasked with designing a new VMware Cloud Foundation environment. The company will purchase vSAN Ready Nodes for the management cluster but wants to make use of existing investments where possible, including a significant investment made recently in an all-flash storage array and 16GB FC fabric. The design must include this array wherever possible.

The company wishes to reuse existing ToR switching that will provide four 10GPs Ethernet connection to each host and one 1Gbps out of band connection. The network will be a standard spine and leaf topology with no layer-2 shared between racks of infrastructure. The ToR switches are each connected to 4 spine switches, with one 10Gbps connection. The clusters must be spread across at-least four racks to ensure maximum resiliency.

Which two constraints impact this design? (Choose two)

7. Which network type within SDDC Manager must be added to the Network Pool to support the deployment of a Workload Domain that will only use vSAN storage?

8. What is the valid server type within SDDC Manager that should be used when registering an external server for the file-based backup of VMware NSX Managers?

9. An administrator has been tasked with enabling north/south routing and the consumption of additional network servicesby deploying an NSX Edge Clusterinto a VMware Cloud Foundation deployment

The following information is available:

• There is only one Workload Domain.

• The Workload domain contains two vSphere Clusters.

• One of the vSphere Clusters is a Stretched Cluster

• All hosts within the Workload Domain are identical.

• The physical network uses both the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) protocol

Which statement is true when considering the deployment of an NSX Edge Cluster in this situation?

10. What is the maximum recommended MTU value for all non-management VLANs within VMware Cloud Foundation?


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