Verified 350-601 Questions & Answers | Pass 350-601 DCCOR Exam Easily

Verified 350-601 Questions & Answers | Pass 350-601 DCCOR Exam Easily

Now, you can pass 350-601 Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) exam easily with verified 350-601 questions and answers. 350-601 DCCOR Cisco exam is hot, which is not only the core exam of CCNP Data Center certification which test your knowledge of implementing core data center technologies, but also the qualify exam of CCIE Data Center certification. Cisco 350-601 exam questions are based on the latest exam objectives and skill points, mostly, the answers have been verified as the valid study guide to ensure that you can pass Cisco certification 350-601 DCCOR exam in the first attempt. Choose to get the active pdf file from ITExamShop and test the verified 350-601 questions and answers in real exam environment with the free software now.

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1. Which storage protocol reduces file locks by using leasing?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer configures FCIP on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series switch .

What is the result of implementing the configuration?


Refer to the exhibit.

In a bidirectional PIM network using Phantom RP as an RP redundancy mechanism, two

Cisco NX-OS routers have these requirements:

• R1 must be the active RP.

• R2 must be the backup RP that is used only if R1 is not reachable

Drag and drop the configuration steps to complete the configuration for Router 2. Not all configuration steps are used.

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two Cisco UCS components are upgraded as a result of the configuration? (Choose two.)

5. An engineer is implementing Cisco Intersight in a secure environment. The environment must use LDAP directory service and ensure information integrity and confidentiality .

Which two steps must be taken to implement the solution? (Choose two.)

6. An engineer implements an ACI fabric and must implement microsegmentation of endpoints within the same IP subnet using a network-based attribute. The attribute mapping must allow IP subnet independence .

Which attribute must be selected?

7. Host 1 is in VLAN 100 located is DataCenter 1 and Host2 is in VLAN200 located in DataCenter2 .

Which OTV VLAN mapping configuration allows Layer 2 connectivity between these two hosts?





8. An engineer must configure OSPF routing on Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. The IP subnet of the Eth 1/2 interface for both switches must be advertised via OSPF. However, these interfaces must not establish OSPF adjacency or send routing updates. The current OSPF adjacency over the interface Eth1/1 on SW1 and Eth1/1 on SW2 must remain unaffected .

Which configuration must be applied to both Nexus switches to meet these requirements?

9. A network administrator must configure an extra keyring in Cisco UCS Manager. The key must provide a high level of encryption and secure authentication when users use the web interface .

Which configuration command set must be applied to meet these requirements?


A network engineer must implement RBAC on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Switches.

Drag and drop the Cisco MDS 9000 Series roles from the left onto the correct categories on the right.


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