Valuable Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Questions – Pass Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam In One Go

Valuable Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Questions – Pass Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam In One Go

You will pass In Marketing Cloud Administrator certification exam in one go if you choose to prepare the exam with valuable Marketing Cloud Administrator certification questions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam questions of ITExamShop are being verified by the Salesforce specialist and experts. The certification questions will make Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam be easier to clarify all your uncertainty and set you up for triumph in the Marketing Cloud Administrator exam. ITExamShop not only ace your Marketing Cloud Administrator exam preparation but also ensure your success in the final Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator exam.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) purchased one Sender Authentication Package (SAP) to ensure their branding is on every marketing communication.

What would be achieved with SAP?

2. A university plans to use Journey Builder to improve their 1:1 marketing to potential students, current students, and alumni. The university currently has student data in the Sales Cloud. Other data, such as course catalog, student demographics, and alumni information, is stored in external systems.

Which two actions should the implementation Consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers.

3. A Marketing Cloud admin wants to create an SFTP User for the first time.

Which two considerations should be taken when configuring an SFTP User? Choose 2 answers

4. Northern Trail Outfitters requires all subscriber files placed on the SFTP for import be encrypted.

Which activity in Automation Studio could be used to decrypt the file to prepare for Importing?

5. Northern Trail Outfitters runs a nightly automation consisting of a File Transfer and a File Import. Following an update from the engineering team, the automation began failing. The Marketing Cloud admin suspects the CSV file now has an invalid format.

How could the admin receive a file of the bad data rows to confirm this theory?

6. As part of their brand guidelines, Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses a custom brand font for all print marketing materials. NTO wants to use their custom brand font in email as well.

What is the recommended best practice for font usage in email?

7. A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns.

The customer has indicated the following:

• Emails will be built using a custom dynamic template for these messages.

• Links will vary over time and across campaigns.

• Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers' regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.

• Retargeting messages will dynamically populate content based on regional market.

In order for this solution to be viable, which skill set does the customer team need to possess?

8. Northern Trail Outfitters is preparing to send a promotional email. The audience file was loaded into a data extension but does not display for Marketing Cloud admin scheduling the send.

What should the admin confirm to resolve the issue?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to business analyst to import contact lists. The analyst has the following Marketing Cloud roles: Marketing Cloud Channel Manager and Marketing Cloud Viewer. The analyst logged in but is unable to import contact lists.

How should the user be updated to allow the analyst the appropriate access?

10. A marketing Cloud admin wants to ensure sensitive information needed for email sends is NOT imported and stored in Marketing cloud.

What solution should they implement?


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