Valuable 220-1001 Study Guide Updated For CompTIA A+ Core 1 Certification Exam

Valuable 220-1001 Study Guide Updated For CompTIA A+ Core 1 Certification Exam

Pursuing CompTIA A+ certification to be a IT professional requires to pass CompTIA core series 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. Valuable 220-1001 study guide have been updated for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1. There are 607 practice exam questions with actual answers in total, candidates who choose the most updated CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 study guide are required to read all the Q&As carefully and thoroughly. Before getting the most valuable 220-1001 study guide as the onlin course, you can choose to read this post to check CompTIA A+ 220-1001 free exam questions online.

220-1001 Free Questions Are Online For Checking 220-1001 Study Guide

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1. A new loT device was physically installed but the user has been unable to set it up from a smartphone Other loT devices can be managed on the network via a smartphone.

A technician notices the following services are disabled :


• Mobile data

• Location services

• Bluetooth

• Mobile hotspot

• Paver-save mode

• Printing

• Airplane mode

Which of the following should the technician do to allow the user to complete the setup process?

2. A user reports a laserjet printer is not printing properly. A technician prints a test page and notices the toner is smeared on the page. The technician confirms the toner cartridge is installed correctly and the paper in the tray is the right size.

Which of the following printer components is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

3. Which of the following technologies can be used for wireless payments?

4. Which of the following cloud-based services gives customers the ability to scale resources as needed?

5. A technician is configuring a student laptop, and the network administrator requires it to be statically configured. The technician successfully pings the servers by IP but cannot ping by UNC.

Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

6. Which of the following must be configured to allow two VLANs to communicate with each other?

7. A technician needs to build a cloud solution with the following parameters:

• Predictable cost

• Easy expansion of resources

• Ability to control every aspect of the environment

Which of the following would be the BEST solution for the technician to implement?

8. A technician is setting up a printer for a small office that does not have an RJ-45 jack. The users’ computers are all in the same workgroup and are connected physically to the same network switch. The technician needs to make sure all users can print to the new printer through the switch.

Which of the following should the technician configure?

9. Which of the following connectors is oval-shaped and used to connect to mobile devices?

10. A customer has a production server with two 500GB hard drives that host critical employee data. The customer previously lost data due to a hard drive crash, and the customer does not want that to happen again. The customer does not have a large budget and is not concerned about performance on the system.

Which of the following RAID types should the technician recommend?


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