Updated SK0-005 Exam Questions [3-28-2022] For CompTIA Server+ Certification

Updated SK0-005 Exam Questions [3-28-2022] For CompTIA Server+ Certification

To all CompTIA Server+ certification candidates, we have updated SK0-005 exam questions on March 28, which could be the latest SK0-005 study materials online. There are 112 questions and answers in total to make sure that you can prepare for CompTIA Server+ certification well and finally, you can pass SK0-005 exam successfully. Try ITExamShop Updated SK0-005 Exam Questions and read all the questions and answers in pdf file.

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1. A technician has received multiple reports of issues with a server. The server occasionally has a BSOD, powers off unexpectedly, and has fans that run continuously .

Which of the following BEST represents what the technician should investigate during troubleshooting?

2. A server administrator needs to configure a server on a network that will have no more than 30 available IP addresses .

Which of the following subnet addresses will be the MOST efficient for this network?

3. Which of the following describes the installation of an OS contained entirely within another OS installation?

4. A server that recently received hardware upgrades has begun to experience random BSOD conditions .

Which of the following are likely causes of the issue? (Choose two.)

5. Modify the appropriate route entries to resolve the Internet connectivity issue.

If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.

6. A USB drive has been purchased to move files between Windows, *nix, and Macintosh servers .

Which of the following filesystems is the BEST choice to ensure the drive can read and be written to by all of the servers?

7. A server administrator is using remote access to update a server. The administrator notices numerous error messages when using YUM to update the applications on a server .

Which of the following should the administrator check FIRST?

8. Which of the following access control methodologies can be described BEST as allowing a user the least access based on the jobs the user needs to perform?

9. A datacenter technician is attempting to troubleshoot a server that keeps crashing. The server runs normally for approximately five minutes, but then it crashes. After restoring the server to operation, the same cycle repeats. The technician confirms none of the configurations have changed, and the load on the server is steady from power-on until the crash .

Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?

10. A server administrator is experiencing difficulty configuring MySQL on a Linux server.

The administrator issues the getenforce command and receives the following output:

># Enforcing

Which of the following commands should the administrator issue to configure MySQL successfully?


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