Updated PCNSE Exam Questions [2022] Pass PCNSE Certification Exam Successfully

Updated PCNSE Exam Questions [2022] Pass PCNSE Certification Exam Successfully

Updated PCNSE exam questions of ITExamShop help you clear Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Exam successfully. The most updated PCNSE exam questions are based on the actual PCNSE exam objectives and test topics, containing actual PCNSE exam questions and precise answers. By preparing for PCNSE Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Exam, you can choose the greatest and the most updated Palo Alto Networks PCNSE exam questions as the preparation materials of ITExamShop because the real study materials have been verified by the top experts. We ensure that you can pass PCNSE certification exam successfullty in the first attempt.

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1. What are three valid qualifiers for a Decryption Policy Rule match? (Choose three)

2. An administrator is considering upgrading the Palo Alto Networks NGFW and central management Panorama version

What is considered best practice for this scenario?

3. While troubleshooting an SSL Forward Proxy decryption issue which PAN-OS CLI command would you use to check the details of the end-entity certificate that is signed by the Forward Trust Certificate or Forward Untrust Certificate?


Match each GlobalProtect component to the purpose of that component

5. Which CLI command displays the physical media that are connected to ethernetl/8?

6. An engineer must configure a new SSL decryption deployment

Which profile or certificate is required before any traffic that matches an SSL decryption rule is decrypted?

7. What are two characteristic types that can be defined for a variable? (Choose two )

8. 1.Topic 1, Main Questions NEW

The SSL Forward Proxy decryption policy is configured. The following four certificate authority (CA) certificates are installed on the firewall.

An end-user visits the untrusted website https //www firewall-do-not-trust-website com

Which certificate authority (CA) certificate will be used to sign the untrusted webserver certificate?

9. A standalone firewall with local objects and policies needs to be migrated into Panorama.

What procedure should you use so Panorama is fully managing the firewall?

10. A remote administrator needs firewall access on an untrusted interface.

Which two components are required on the firewall to configure certificate-based administrator authentication to the web Ul? (Choose two)


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