Updated FlexPod Design Specialist Exam NS0-175 Test Questions And Answers

Updated FlexPod Design Specialist Exam NS0-175 Test Questions And Answers

Focus on ITExamShop now, we have updated NS0-175 test questions and answers for Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist certification exam. The most updated Network Appliance NS0-175 exam questions is the great part of preparing for NS0-175 exam. All the practice exam questions of updated NS0-175 study guide are introduced by skilled developers and specialists that offer you valid and trustable study materials for passing Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist NS0-175 exam. With NS0-175 updated test questions you are going to be able to prepare your self well and clear the NS0-175 exam within your initial try.

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1. An administrator plans to deploy a Nexus 1000V with VMware ESXi in a FlexPod environment. The administrator wants to ensure proper operation under multiple failure scenarios.

In this scenario, which two configuration actions conform to Cisco's best practices for high availability? (Choose two.)

2. Your customer has a FlexPod implementation and wants to use life-cycle management to validate, monitor, and optimize the FlexPod infrastructure.

In this situation, which management tool should your customer use?

3. A customer requires a FlexPod disk subsystem design that supports at least two disk drive failures.

Which version of RAID would be required to satisfy this requirement?

4. For which of the following would the "NTLM Cache" feature normally be used?

5. Which two high availability capabilities are supported in a FlexPod system? (Choose two.)

6. To add a user to the appliance database, you must enter the _____ and the _____.

7. All of the following are supported interface types EXCEPT _______.

8. You are designing a new bare metal FlexPod solution for an Oracle RAC environment and want to leverage online resources to ensure your overall design is following FlexPod design best practices.

In this scenario, which validated resource would you use for your design?

9. An administrator is designing a FlexPod with the Nexus 5548UP series switches to SAN boot all of the ESXi hosts over FCoE, and attach to the VM datastores over NFS.

In this scenario, which license will be required on the Nexus switches?

10. If the auth ftp command is used in a proxy configured environment, the appliance will _____


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