Updated Experience Cloud Consultant Practice Exam [2022] Pass Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam

Updated Experience Cloud Consultant Practice Exam [2022] Pass Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam

Start learning Experience Cloud Consultant exam to prepare well with the most updated Experience Cloud Consultant practice exam of ITExamShop. The top IT professionals have updated the Experience Cloud Consultant practice exam with 128 questions and answers, which must direct you in the right way in Experience Cloud Consultant exam questions and to provide you with all the necessary for Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant and help you to clear the Experience Cloud Consultant exam success with great marks. Top-quality Experience Cloud Consultant practice exam questions of ITExamShop ensure that you can pass Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant exam in the first attempt.

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1. Universal Containers has Contact and Account objects set to Public Read Only for internal users, but an Experience Cloud users is not able to view Contacts and accounts.

How should you fix this issue?

2. What is required when creating portal users through Just-Time (JIT) provisioning?

3. A consultant recently finished gathering requirements for a Cloud Kicks (CK) project that will launch five new Customer Experience Cloud sites worldwide, all on a brand new Salesforce org. The purpose of these sites is to a generate buzz around new CK models and crowdsource new ideas for the RAD department.

The consultant knows Multiple Books that they need to enable moderation and rate limit rules as part of their planning and must meet the following requirements:

* Each site must have three unique content moderation rules that flag specific keywords.

* Each site must have four unique rate rules that govern posting limits.

* All authenticated users must be able to post on demand. Calculator

What should the consultant consider doing before beginning work on these sites?

4. Which two statements regarding data categories are true? Choose 2 answers

5. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) offers a new product that is different in North America. EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions. Pages have been created and published for this product. The site manager has applied criteria to ensure that visibility for these product pages are applied as per the requirements for each region. NTO further wants to control the users who see a specific page of this product by setting its visibility.

Which three visibility options are available in Experience Cloud? Choose 3 answers

6. 1.Universal Containers is implementing a Partner Community.

Which sharing setting would allow users to collaborate with their peers who work for the same partner firm, but not with any users outside of their firm?

7. Northern Trail Qutfitters implemented a chatbot on its Experience site.

Which three KPIs could be used to help understand the chatbot's impact on customer service? Choose 3 answers

8. The Salesforce Administrator at Ursa Major Solar is trying to create a partner user for their Partner Community that was built using Salesforce Experience Builder. However, the admin is not able to create it from the contact record.

What could be two reason causing this issue? Choose 2 answers

9. DreamHouse Realty (DR) plans to expand its business by offering insurance products ta home buyers. DR will use its network of independent agents to manage claims in their region. Agents will need to work with DR on settlement and adjustment approvals.

What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend?

10. Cloud Kicks wants to allow site users to tag site content with custom tags or member-created topics.

Which two permissions must be enabled for site users in Setup to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers


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