Updated Cisco 300-815 Exam Questions – Valid For Passing CCNP Collaboration CLACCM Exam

Updated Cisco 300-815 Exam Questions – Valid For Passing CCNP Collaboration CLACCM Exam

Updated Cisco 300-815 exam questions are available at ITExamShop, which covering all 300-815 Implementing Cisco Advanced Call Control and Mobility Services (CLACCM) exam topics help you pass Cisco CCNP Collaboration CLACCM exam successfully. Cisco 300 815 updated exam questions presented by ITExamShop have the most precise and approved 300-815 questions which will certainly are available in the real 300-815 exam and help you in acing actual Cisco 300-815 exam questions on the 1st attempt. Understanding real 300-815 exam questions by reading the most updated 300-815 practice exam of ITEXamShop now.

CCNP Collaboration CLACCM 300-815 Free Questions Online

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

ILS has been configured between two hubs using this configuration. The hubs appear to register successfully, but ILS is not functioning as expected .

Which configuration step is missing?

2. A support engineer is troubleshooting a voice network.

When conducting a search for call setup details related to calling search space issues, which trace files should be investigated?

3. An engineer must implement call restriction to toll-free numbers using a class of restriction in a branch Cisco UCME.

In which two places is the corlist incoming or cor Incoming command configured? (Choose two.)

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A call mode through the Cisco Unified Border Element to pilot 2000 is foiling .

What is causing the call to foil?

5. An administrator is troubleshooting call failures on an H.323 gateway via the CLI.

To see signaling for media and call setup, which two debugs must the administrator turn on? (Choose two).

6. An engineer must configure a secure SIP trunk with a remote provider, with a specific requirement to use port 5065 for inbound and otubound traffic .

Which two items must be configured to complete this configuration? (Choose two.)

7. Refer to the exhibit.

Calls incoming from the provider are not working through newly set up Cisco Unified Border Element. Provider engineers get the 404 Not Found SIP message. Incoming calls are coming from the provider with called number “222333444” and Cisco Unified Communications Manager is expecting the called number to be delivered as “444333222”. The administrator already verified that the IP address of the Cisco Unified CM is set up correctly and there are no dial peers configured other than those shown in the exhibit .

Which action must the administrator take to fix the issue?

8. Which configuration element of a hunt group allows for changing Calling Party Transformations settings?

9. A company has an SRST gateway running an IOS XE image. The company plans to enable the IPv6 addressing companywide.

To enable the IPv6 in a unified SRST gateway to support SIP phones, what are two supported supplementary features for an IPv6 fallback scenario? (Choose two.)

10. An administrator configured Cisco Unified Mobility to block access to remote destinations for certain caller IDs. A user reports that a blocked caller was able to reach a remote destination .

Which action resolves the issue?


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