Updated Adobe AD0-E313 Exam Questions [2022] To Ensure You Pass

Updated Adobe AD0-E313 Exam Questions [2022] To Ensure You Pass

You can use the updated Adobe AD0-E313 exam questions to prepare for Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional certification exam now. The particular AD0-E313 exam questions cover each plan of this Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certified Professional test. We have updated AD0-E313 exam questions with 81 Q&As to ensure that you can pass Adobe AD0-E313 exam successfully.

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1. Which type of External Account should be used to connect to the mid-sourcing instance in a hybrid installation?

2. A new column is added to the recipient schema via a schema extension. The extension is called recipientExt in namespace abc. This new column is called CustomerDecile and is of type long.

What is the database location of the new column?

3. If a user is to receive email notifications regarding alerts from campaign workflows, which default operator group is required?

4. What would a developer use to trigger one workflow from another?

5. An Adobe Campaign operator is included in the Workflow Supervisors Operator Group, and is required to have Administrator access for one week only .

What would be the best practice to overload the operator's existing rights?

6. What is the purpose of the Jump activity?

7. Which two attributes need to be configured in order to create an External Account of type 5FTP? Choose the two correct answers.

8. What configuration would allow a folder to display records that are physically stored in one or more folders of the same type?

9. What monitoring log should a Campaign developer look at for a database error in a query activity?

10. While uploading a file in Campaign, a developer needs to ensure that the rejects from the input file are captured in the external file .

How would they do this?


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