UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam UiPath-ARDv1 Study Guide

UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam UiPath-ARDv1 Study Guide

Do you know the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 certification? It is targeted to assess a deeper level of knowledge and skills for designing and independently developing complex RPA solutions in the Robotic Enterprise Framework. When preparing for UiARD certification, you can choose the UiPath-ARDv1 study guide as your online resource. Real exam questions with the actual answers have been collected in UiPath-ARDv1 study guide. With ITExamShop pdf file and free software, you can learn all UiPath-ARDv1 exam questions and answers well. UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 UiPath-ARDv1 study guide ensure that you can pass UiARD certification exam successfully.

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1. In which situation can "idx" be used in a reliable selector?

2. A developer created a custom rule for Workflow Analyzer and wants to make it available only at the project level.

Which action should the developer perform?

3. If a developer wants to use a variable of type UIElement to identify a button in a Click activity, which property must be manually configured during development?

4. A developer is working on an automation. The automated process must log into Citrix and click on the "Generate Shipment Details" button. Ideally, this generates a table of shipping records. If the generated table displays only the header row and no data is available, then it should be marked as an exception since the data is incomplete.

What is this type of exception?

5. A developer created a process with the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework, uploaded the package on the Orchestrator, and created a job for it. Once these steps are performed, the job is started from the Orchestrator and begins to process transactions. After two processed transactions, the job is stopped from Orchestrator.

At which point in the workflow will this job stop?

6. In the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework, what is the initial value of TransactionNumber?

7. A developer is creating an automation project which processes personal information of employees.

To protect sensitive information that is logged during the execution of the automation at the Verbose level, how can the developer avoid logging variable and argument values in both Orchestrator and Studio?

8. A developer plans to create a process to automate a web application. The web application requires HTML buttons and text boxes to be loaded. Although some assets may still be loading, the robot should perform the UI actions once the buttons and text boxes are loaded.

Which property should be configured?

9. You are working on a project with three other developers and are using TFS source control in UiPath Studio.

If you want to ensure you have the newest version from the server on your local machine, which TFS/SVN command should be used?

10. A developer used title='1 writtenNotes - Notepad' as an attribute of a selector. The first character of the Notepad file name changes dynamically based on the .txt file used to open the file.

If the developer wants the selector to identify the Notepad by everything but the first character, how should title be replaced?


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