The Most Updated SAA-C02 Study Guide With Real Practice Q&As

The Most Updated SAA-C02 Study Guide With Real Practice Q&As

SAA-C02 exam is the new code for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification, when deciding to appear in actual AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 exam, getting the most updated SAA-C02 study guide is highly recommended to practice all the questions and answers. SAA-C02 exam aims to evaluate the capabilities and knowledge of candidates for architecting and deploying highly robust and secure applications with AWS technologies. SAA-C02 study guide covers the actual exam objectives, which will be your best online materials for passing.

Actual SAA-C02 Study Guide Can Be Checked By Reading SAA-C02 Free Questions

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1. A company maintains about 300 TB in Amazon S3 Standard storage month after month. The S3 objects are each typically around 50 GB in size and are frequently replaced with multipart uploads by their global application. The number and size of S3 objects remain constant but the company's S3 storage costs are increasing each month

How should a solutions architect reduce costs in this situation?

2. A company is developing a mobile game that streams score updates to a backend processor and then posts results on a leaderboard A solutions architect needs to design a solution that can handle large traffic spikes process the mobile game updates in order of receipt and store the processed updates in a highly available database. The company also wants to minimize the management overhead required to maintain the solution

What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

3. A company is launching a new application deployed on an Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) cluster and is using the Fargate launch type tor ECS tasks. The company is monitoring CPU and memory usage because it is expecting high traffic to the application upon its launch However the company wants to reduce costs when utilization decreases

What should a solutions architect recommend?

4. A company receives inconsistent service from its data center provider because the company is headquartered in an area affected by natural disasters. The company is not ready to fully migrate to the AWS Cloud but it wants a failure environment on AWS in case the on-premises data center fails

The company runs web servers that connect to external vendors. The data available on AWS and on premises must be uniform.

Which solution should a solutions architect recommend that has the LEAST amount of downtime''

5. A computer is reviewing a recent migration of a three-tier application to a VPC. The security team discover that the principle of lest privilege is not being applied to Amazon EC2 security group ingress and egress rules between the application tiers.

What should a solution architect do to connect issue?

6. An administrator of a large company wants to monitor for and prevent any cryptocurrency-related attacks on the company's AWS accounts.

Which AWS service can the administrator use to protect the company against attacks?

7. A company collects 10 GB of telemetry data dairy from various machines. The company stores the data in an Amazon S3 bucket in a source data account.

The company has hired several consuming agencies to use this data for analysis. Each agency needs read access to the data for its analysis. The company must share the data from tie source data account by choosing a solution that maximizes security and operational efficiency.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

8. A company serves content to its subscribers across the world using an application running on AWS. The application has several Amazon EC2 instances in a private subnet behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) Due to a recent change in copyright restrictions, the chief information officer (CiO) wants to block access for certain countries.

Which action will meet these requirements?

9. A company is building a new furniture inventory application. The company has deployed the application on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances across multiple Availability Zones. The EC2 instances run behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in their VPC

A solutions architect has observed that incoming traffic seems to favor one EC2 instance resulting in latency for some requests

What should the solutions architect do to resolve this issue?

10. An ecommerce company is creating an application that requires a connection to a third-party payment service to process payments. The payment service needs to explicitly allow the public IP address of the server that is making the payment request. However, the company's security policies do not allow any server to be exposed directly to the public internet.

Which solution will meet these requirements?


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