The Most Updated HPE2-T36 Study Guide For Using HPE OneView Certification Exam

The Most Updated HPE2-T36 Study Guide For Using HPE OneView Certification Exam

HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView Certification exam tests your knowledge and skills on designing, deploying, and operating the HPE OneView management suite as the management and provisioning control plane for HPE products and solutions. The most updated HPE2-T36 study guide from ITExamShop contains HPE2-T36 real exam questions and answers. With real HPE2-T36 exam questions, you can learn more about the exam objectives and tackle the exam situation confidently. Pay attention, HPE2-T36 exam will be inactive on January 17, 2022, please arrange your exam with the most updated HPE2-T36 study guide before that day.

HPE2-T36 Free Questions Are Below For Checking The Updated HPE2-T36 Study Guide

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1. What is the earliest Server generation supported in HPE OneView for Secure Boot configuration within the Server Profile Template?

2. Your customer reports receiving an error after re-configuring some uplink sets. The error states that their Logical Interconnects are non-compliant with the Logical Interconnect Group.

What must they do to clear this error?

3. You need to add an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server to the HPE OneView appliance for monitoring.

Which information is required to complete this task? (Choose two.)

4. Which enhanced security feature is unavailable within HPE OneView?

5. A customer has a strict change control environment.

How do Server Profile Templates help with change control policies?

6. You are designing a new deployment consisting of HPE Proliant Gen10 rack servers and a Nimble storage array.

Which data protection method is recommended to back up and be able to restore your appliance in case of a catastrophic failure?


Match the minimum HPE OneView license required to each function. (Matches may be used more than once.)

8. An administrator selected “firmware and OS drivers using smart update tools” when

installing a new HPE Service pack for ProLiant.

Which statement are true for the is administrator environment?

9. You remove an HPE SY480 compute module from its bay and install a host bus adapter (HBA) into the compute module. When you install the module back into its original bay you notice that the server profile in HPE OneView is showing “unassigned”.

What is the reason for this?

10. When creating a Server Profile Template, what are advantages or creating an unassigned Ethernet type connection during template creation? (Choose two.)


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