Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Real TDS-C01 Practice Questions

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Real TDS-C01 Practice Questions

Reading TDS-C01 practice questions carefully and thoroughly could be the best way to prepare for Tableau Desktop Specialist exam well. To ensure that you can get the real TDS-C01 exam questions as the preparation materials, we recommend to come to ITExamShop to download TDS-C01 Tableau Desktop Specialist exam pdf file instantly to learn all the 151 practice exam questions and answers before taking the actual TDS-C01 exam successfully. Start checking TDS-C01 free exam questions as the demo to find that the real TDS-C01 practice questions are great for preparation.

Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 Free Questions Are Below

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What is this entire view referred to as in Tableau?

2. ________________ files are shortcuts for quickly connecting to the original data that you use often. Data source files do not contain the actual data but rather the information necessary to connect to the actual data as well as any modifications you've made on top of the actual data such as changing default properties, creating calculated fields, adding groups, and so on.

3. The View Data window displays as much of the data as possible by default, up to _______________ rows.

4. When using a Blend, what is the color of tick-mark on the primary and secondary data sources respectively?

5. Which of these is NOT a type of Quick Filter available in Tableau?

6. Which of the following are interactive elements that can be added to a dashboard for users?

7. 1.For Bullet Graphs we need at least ____________ measures

8. True or False: Bins can be created on dimensions

9. True or False: It is possible to change the Geographic Role of a dimension

10. True or False: LEFT JOIN returns all rows from the left table, with the matching rows in the right table


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