Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Version 3.0 DES-DD33 Exam Questions

Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Version 3.0 DES-DD33 Exam Questions

Do you want to pass DES-DD33 exam to complete Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Version 3.0 certification? This certification validates the learner’s comprehensive understanding of PowerProtect DD system integrations with common backup applications and implementation with key protocols including NFS/CIFS, DD Boost, VTL, and NDMP. To ensure that you can successfully pass DES-DD33 exam in the first attempt, new DES-DD33 exam questions coming with actual questions and answers will clear all of your doubts and setting you up for success in the DES-DD33 Specialist – Systems Administrator PowerProtect DD Exam.

DELL EMC DES-DD33 Free Questions Are Below To Check The Quality OF DES-DD33 Exam Questions

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1. A backup administrator is tasked with monitoring PowerProtect DD capacity metrics. The administrator is backing up 2 of data daily with a reduction rate at 5x. After data reduction, subsequent full backups compress down to 100 GB.

The initial backup requires 400 GB with a 10 percent increase in the data each day. Each incremental backup is 200 GB. After data reduction, each incremental backup is 20 GB.

What is the weekly burn rate (GB) after six daily incremental backups and one weekly backup?

2. Which protocol is used for communications between a PowerProtect DD appliance and cloud tier to Dell EMC ECS?

3. Which PowerProtect DD technology provides fast and efficient deduplication while minimizing disk access?

4. An administrator is scaling Cloud Tier for a DD9400 by adding a second cloud unit.

What is the required amount of metadata storage ()?

5. Which PowerProtect DD procedure uses the DoD/NIST standards to provide data security?


What is the correct sequence of operations used by the PowerProtect DD DIA in the end-to-end verification process?


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