Service Cloud Consultant Practice Exam Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

Service Cloud Consultant Practice Exam Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

Service Cloud Consultant certification, as a popular certification under the Salesfore Consultant role, is designed for consultants who have experience implementing Salesforce Service Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role. Answering Service Cloud Consultant exam to earn the certification is recommended to choose the Service Cloud Consultant Practice Exam as the preparation materials at ITExamShop, which offers the valid exam questions and answers for 100% passing guarantee. Come to download the Service Cloud Consultant pdf file to learn all the online Q&As to complete the preparation and pass the actual exam. Additionally, prior to attending Service Cloud Consultant exam, you need to complete the Administrator certification as the prerequisite.

Service Cloud Consultant Free Questions Help You Check The Quality OF Service Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

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1. Universal containers is planning to provide different levels of support to customers in order to ensure its agents are working within the confines of the service level agreement.

Which feature should the consultant consider?

2. A manager would like information on the knowledge base searches conducted by customers and call center agents .

Which two metrics are useful for identifying knowledge article effectiveness? Choose 2 answers

3. Milestones can be added to which three object types? Choose 3 Answers

4. A company is changing its case management system to Salesforce. All active accounts, contacts, and closed cases for the past 5 years must be migrated to Salesforce for go-live.

Which approach should be used for the data migration?

5. Universal Containers recently rolled out a Salesforce Knowledge implementation; however, users are finding unreliable and unrelated Knowledge Articles displayed in the Knowledge One widget in the Salesforce Console.

Which two actions should a Consultant recommend to address the lack of quality checking? Choose 2 answers

6. Due to a recent product recall, Universal Containers has experienced a 50% increase in daily calls to the Contact Center. The Contact Center has increased support to 24x7 with agents working 12-hour shifts. The VP of Service is concerned about the ability to sustain the increased hours and added cost to support the higher call volume.

Which recommendation should the Consultant make in anticipation of higher call volume?

7. A contact center was unable to assign cases by case type before service was implemented, the director support needs to know which metrics to examine to determine whether the newly set up assignment rules are assigning a similar number of cases to each agent .

Which metric should be recommended? Choose 2 answers

8. Universal Containers contact center has experienced an increased number of customer questions due to a growing product portfolio .

Which two solutions should a consultant recommend to minimize the need to hire more agents? Choose 2 answers

9. Universal Containers wants to implement a new web presence to support its customers.

It has provided the following requirements:

• Ability for visitors to search Knowledge articles without registering or logging in

• Ability for over one million registered customers to securely submit cases and view the status of those cases

• Ability to display white papers to registered customers

• Ability for registered customers to save favorite Knowledge articles for easy access later What should the consultant recommend as part of the solution?

10. Universal container support manager wants to share product specific information with their customers using communities. Choose 3 Answers


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