SAP S/4HANA Sales 2020 Upskilling C_TS460_2020 Real Exam Questions

SAP S/4HANA Sales 2020 Upskilling C_TS460_2020 Real Exam Questions

Get C_TS460_2020 real exam questions to complete SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales 2020 Upskilling certification exam. The experts of ITExamShop make your SAP C_TS460_2020 exam be easy, you just need to learn all C_TS460_2020 exam questions and answers with the downloadable pdf file and simulated software file. We guarantee that if you learn all the Q&As thoroughly and memorize them well, you can pass SAP certification C_TS460_2020 exam successfully.

First come here to read SAP Certification C_TS460_2020 free exam questions.

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1. Which of the following assignments are possible when you set up organizational units for sales? Choose Three correct answers.

2. A business user needs to display the document flow for a sales process and visualize all relevant preceding and subsequent documents .

Which activities do you suggest? Choose Two correct answers.

3. Your project requires an enhancement to the standard sales order processing logic .

Which options should you consider? Choose Three correct answers.

4. Your project requires confirmation of sales order quantities for certain materialseven if the stock of those materials is currently below the safe y stock level. Where do you configure this? Choose the correct answer.

5. A customer usually prefers complete delivery of a sales order. When creating a particular order, however, the customer would like to make an exception and allow partial deliveries .

How would you proceed to do this? Choose the correct answer.

6. In a delivery-related billing process, how can you force an automatic new price determination during billing document creation? Choose the correct answer.

7. Which organizational units must you set up for billing? Choose Two correct answers.

8. In a standard SAP S/4HANA system, which elements are a possible source for the partner function in your sales order? Choose Two correct answers.

9. Which sales document type do you use to supply specified quantities on defined dates? Choose the correct answer.

10. To what do you assign a material exclusion procedure? Choose the correct answer.


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