Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Exam Questions User Experience Designer Practice Exam

Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Exam Questions User Experience Designer Practice Exam

User Experience (UX) Designer exam is one of Salesforce Designer exams, which is for candidates who are aspiring or experienced designers wanting to build and design solutions on the Salesforce Platform. If you want to get the most worthwhile and productive tool to prepare for the Salesforce User Experience Designer exam well, we recommend the Salesforce User Experience Designer practice exam as the preparation materials. Real User Experience Designer practice exam include questions and answers that are based on the syllabus for Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer exam which are well organized so that you can better comprehend the User Experience Designer exam.

User Experience Designer Free Demo Questions Are Available Before Purchasing The Actual Exam Questions

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1. The UX Designer at Cloud Kicks is considering using a custom Lightning component to fulfill a specific business requirement.

Which two best practices should be considered? Choose 2 answers

2. Cloud Kicks’ Sales team needs in-App Guidance for key functions and processes so they can maximum their time.

In which three ways should a UX Designer customize the Salesforce Help Menu to meet this request? Choose 3 answers

3. A UX designer is creating a customer to-do list component to replace the standard salesforce one. Their developer is using a parent child lighting web component (LWC) structure to build the component, creating a parent component for the list and single repeated child component for each to do item with in list which to impact of the LWCs shadow DOM should be consider when designing or developing the style sheets for these components

4. Users from a small group within a sales teams have complained about an object that is often used only by them that has not been a edit to their lighting app due to small volume of users the administrator is not considering a new app for them

Which two salesforce features should be suggested to improve the end-user experience?

5. A UX Designer wants to quickly mock up Salesforce user Interface experiences using a collation of prebuilt components. The designer need sales lightning resources for their design and prototype such as based components, tokens, design patterns.

Which tool to install should need?

6. A UX Designer wants to ensure new Salesforce users are given the appropriate onboarding experience.

Which two on-App Guidance customizations should be used?

7. 1.An organization must be digitally accessible to enable social opportunity.

What are three core principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)? Choose 3 answers

8. Following a human-centered design process approach, Cloud Kicks is preparing a user feedback session for an app that is not performance as anticipated.

In which two ways could confirmation bias be avoided? Choose 2 answers

9. Cloud Kicks (CK) is incorporating Relationship Design principle into its business model and customer offerings wherever possible. Choose 3 answers

10. Cloud Kicks (CK) is going to launch a new Salesforce process for its Customer Service team. After Launch, CK wants to ensure the process is working well for its customer service representatives.

Which three Salesforce tools should be used to track and measure the adoption of the new process? Choose 3 answers


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