Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam PDII Real Test Questions

Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam PDII Real Test Questions

Are you a candidate who is preparing for Salesforce Platform Developer II PDII exam? It is designed for individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform and data modeling to develop complex business logic and interfaces. For you, to prepare for Salesforce PDII exam well, choosing PDII real test questions is recommended. The Salesforce PDII real test questions with actual answers of DumpsBase are a great feature of the PDII online study guide. Real PDII exam questions are readily available in pdf form so you can access in multiple devices on the go so your preparation is flawless. Come to choose the real PDII test questions to learn all the Q&As for preparation.

Salesforce Platform Developer II PDII Free Exam Questions Are Below:

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1. What is the correct syntax for calling a controller action from a Visualforce page and updating part of the page once the action is completed? (Choose two.)

2. A company has a custom component that allows users to search for records of a certain object type by invoking an Apex Controller that returns a list of results based on the user's input, when the search Is completed, a searchComplete event is fired, with the results put in a results attribute of the event. The component is designed to be used within other components and may appear on a single page more than once.

What is the optimal code that should be added to fire the event when the search has completed?





E. Option A

F. Option B

G. Option C

H. Option D

3. How can the DISTANCE and GEOLOCATION functions be used i|n SOQL queries? (Choose two.)

4. A developer must create a custom pagination solution for accessing approximately 2000 records and displaying 50 records on each page. Data from Salesforce will be accessed via an API and not via Apex.

How can the developer meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

5. A developer wants to retrieve and deploy metadata, perform simple CSV export of query results, and debug Apex REST calls by viewing JSON responses.

Which tool should the developer use?

6. Employee_c is a Child object of Company_c. The Company_c object has an external Id field Company_ld_c.

How can a developer insert an Employee_c record linked to Company_c with a Company_ld_c of '999'?

7. A developer needs to design a custom object that will be integrated into a back-end system.

What should the developer do to ensure good data quality and to ensure that data imports, integrations, and searches perform well? (Choose two.)

8. UC Loans is a small company with a part time Salesforce administrator. UC Loans wants to create a Loan__c record whenever an Opportunity is won.

What is the optimal solution for UC Loans to accomplish this?

9. A company wants to implement a new call center process for handling customer service calls. It requires service reps to ask for the caller's account number before proceeding with the rest of their call script. Following best practices, what should a developer use to meet this requirement?

10. An Apex trigger creates an Order__c record every time an Opportunity is won by a Sales Rep. Recently the trigger is creating two orders.

What is the optimal method for a developer to troubleshoot this?


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