Salesforce Pardot Consultant Practice Exam Are Good For Your Certification

Salesforce Pardot Consultant Practice Exam Are Good For Your Certification

If you have completed the Pardot Specialist certification, you can go on for the Salesforce Pardot Consultant certification. We have new Pardot Consultant practice exam to help you prepare for Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam well. Good Pardot Consultant practice exam with 198 practice exam questions and answers ensure that you can pass the exam and understand best practice approaches for B2BMA. Choose to purchase the Pardot Consultant practice exam and instant download the pdf file now. You just need to read all the Q&As with the Pardot Consultant pdf file to prepare well.

Salesforce Pardot Consultant Free Questions Are Online, You Can Check Before Making a Decision

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1. LenoxSoft sends an operational email to all prospects, but finds there are some prospects that did not receive the email.

Why would this happen?

2. How could LenoxSoft benefit from Engage Reports?

3. LenoxSoft wants to measure their brand awareness to raise their brand recognition for their company. The company wants to use Pardot to increase the number of impressions across their online channels .

Which are the best reports to monitor impressions to help measure LenoxSoft's brand awareness of a period of time?

4. Lenoxsoft wants to continue to use their existing forms. Pardot form handlers cannot be used due to the encryption placed on them. However, Lenoxsoft wants all future leads or contacts converted via their existing forms to be created as prospects in Pardot with their Pardot campaign set to Salesforce connector.

With this restriction outlines, Lenoxsoft wants to build an automated process with the following requirements:

- New prospects are added to the New Lead engagement program and remain until they reach a score of 100

- Once prospects reach a score of 100, they should no longer receive emails from the New Lead engagement program.

Based on the above, which processshould the Consultant recommend?

5. When mapping fields between Pardot andSalesforce how can you control the synchronization? ( Choose one answer )

6. Check the lowest and the highest available Prospect's score inPardot

7. LenoxSoft's corporate marketing team has Pardot users who are users in all of their five Pardot Business Units. User A primarily focuses on the North American business unit (BU), but is asked to review a new Engagement Studio program in the European BU before the European marketing team resumes the program.

How would user A accomplish this?

8. LenoxSoft has published anew white paper. When prospects submit a "Request a Download" form, they should receive this white paper in an email. All prospects who receive the email and view the white paper should receive an additional +10 points added to their score.

Which sequenceof events would meet their goal?

9. Lenoxsoft is transitioning from their current marketing automation platform to Pardot. They have a landing page that they wish to migrate over to Pardot and need to understand what steps are involved in order tomaintain the page's existing look and feel .

What are the necessary first steps to migrate this landing page over to Pardot while maintaining the page's existing look and feel?

10. LenoxSoft wants to optimize asset usage while discovering new audiences .

What tool should they use?


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